Friday, September 16, 2016


Home Loan @ 0% Interest

Dear friends,

You all must be paying home loan EMI for your dream home....
Have Ever thought of a way to get all the principal and interest back when u finishes ur EMI....
No na...
Is it possible.
Lets find out...

Invest 10% extra of your Home Loan's EMI in mutual fund Equity SIP and all your home loan principal and interest will recovered with profit in 20 years.

Example: For Home Loan of 20 Lac for 20 Years with ROI 9.5%( assumed)
EMI will be Rs. 18863/- ( image attached below for ref)

In 20 Years one will pay total towards Home loan will be
Rs. 44,74,320=00

Principal: 20,00,000=00 &
Interest:   24,74,320=00
Total -       44,74,320=00
Image attached....

Saving of just 2200/- per month in  addition to ur EMI for 20 Years with a return of 18% CAGR
u will get. 51,55,672/-

( SIP in Diversified MF has given avg return 20% plus in Last 20 years from 1995 to 2015)

Sip of 2200*240= 5,28,000

Principal: 20,00,000=00
Interest:   24,74,320=00 &
SIP amt:  05,28,000=00
Total -      50,02,320=00

Thus you get back all your principal and interest earn a cool profit too!!!
Kool na🍻
So start ur SIP now...

🎯 Start your SIP now and enjoy interest free home loan.

FOR THEM, I calculated at 15% CAGR....

So here goes...
 If you avail Home loan of 10 lacs for 20 years with an interest rate 9.5% your.....

Monthly EMI: Rs. 9,321.31/-
Principal Amt : Rs. 10,00,000/-
Interest Payable : Rs. 12,37,144/-
Total Amt Payable: Rs.22,37,115/-

πŸ’’ Now to get back your interest you just have to keep aside 0.20% of your home loan amount.
ie 0.10% of 10,00,000/- is 2,000/- per month till the tenure of your home loan.

Start an SIP Till the tenure of your home loan with the amount you are keeping aside. (ie Rs. 2,000/-)

πŸ’’what will be value of Rs. 2,000 pm @15% if invested through SIP❔

After 20 years➡

 Principal Amt: Rs. 4,80,000/-
Value@ 15%: Rs. 26,54,147/-

In Home Loan you pay an Interest + Principal of Rs. 22,37,144/- in 20 years.

While in Mutual fund SIP you generate a wealth of Rs. 26,54,147/- which is more than the Interest amount you are paying in next 20 years.

🎯 Start your SIP now and enjoy interest free home loan.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

RELIANCE ANYTIME MONEY CARD (ATM CARD) - Truly Revolutionary with New Features

With new Features that are going to be added to the RELIANCE ANYTIME MONEY CARD (popularly known as RELIANCE ATM CARD), a revolution is on cards with funds expected to pour into Liquid Funds from SB A/c.
Lets get to know these features but before that let us try to understand whether we need Liquid Funds at all.


I have always advocated that EVERY investor regardless of his Financial Stature should mandatorily have a Liquid Fund in his portfolio. This fund could be for his Emergency, for his Day to day expenses, anything that is needed at a short notice.

Why Liquid fund and not a SB A/c?
We have discussed this many times before but still I would like to do so one more time for the new readers that keep pouring into my Blog every day.

There has been and there will always be a gap of 1% in FAVOUR of Liquid Funds.
In fact, majority of Liquid funds have giving returns on par with Fixed Deposits and we all know that FD returns are more than SB A/c returns.

Liquid Funds invest in Very Short Term Market instruments and thus are the least risky and least volatile category of Funds

It is only when you have LARGE amount (like in excess of Rs.1 lakh) that some Banks offer you higher interest (6% or so) where as Liquid Funds irrespective of your investment give you the same return without any bias.

And now, coming to RELIANCE MONEY MANAGER FUND (the ATM facility is however, available for ALL RELIANCE MUTUAL FUNDs), the advantage over Savings Bank Account is that you not only get all the Convenience of a Regular SB A/c but also potential Higher Returns!

Actually RELIANCE MONEY MANAGER FUND and RELIANCE LIQUID FUND is treated as Primary Fund and all the other funds you have invested in Reliance AMC schemes (like say Reliance Pharma Fund, Reliance Growth Fund) will be secondary funds.


Clicking on the reliance mutual website will give you a long lengthy list of features being given but some of the prominent ones which made me personally put my money in RELIANCE MONEY MANAGER FUND are : 

1. Cash withdrawal Facility at any Visa enabled ATMs
2. Purhase Transactions at Merchant Establishments
3. Withdrawal of upto 50% of Balance in Primary Scheme (say, Reliance Money Manager Fund) or Rs.50,000 (whichever is lower)
There is absolutely no charges for using this Card Facility.

HOWEVER LIKE A "SONE PE SUHAGA" Reliance AMC has gone ahead and made some changes and added new ones which has made the RELIANCE ANYTIME MONEY CARD an absolute MUST HAVE in any investors portfolio.

The new features are :

1. The Withdrawal Limit has now been enhanced from Rs.50,000 by 4 times to Rs.2,00,000
Wow! Keeping with the times., eh

2. If the investor is redeeming the money from Reliance Mutual Fund's app SIMPLY SAVE (which is so easy to transact), the investor can redeem upto 95% of his investment with just a click of button on his Mobile!
How more simple can redeeming your funds can get??!!

3. Third and the BIGGEST feature that has been added is that about the Redemption.
Normally, in any Liquid fund, the redemption proceeds get credited to your Account the Next Working Day (T+1).
But, now, Reliance has promised that your Redemption Proceeds from the RELIANCE MONEY MANAGER fund will get credited to your SB A/c within 30 minutes (yes, you read it right, within Thirty minutes)....How fast can it get?

The new Features introduced in Reliance ATM Card has made the product more appealing.
I am no salesman for Reliance Mutual Fund but I am ready to become one simply due to this amazing features that Reliance AMC added.
So, what are you waiting for???
Switch your money laying in the Savings Account to RELIANCE MONEY MANAGER FUND/RELIANCE LIQUID FUND right now and enjoy.

So, in a nutshell, the new features are :

Reliance Mutual fund has introduced instant redemption in flagship fund Reliance money manager fund. Investor will receive credit in their account within 30 Mts of submitting redemption request through Reliance website. It works 365 days and 24x7. Bank should be IMPS enabled.
Maximum amount is 200000/- or 50% of the current value whichever is lower.

Maximum redemption amount is lower of
95% of fund value in Reliance Money Manager OR
Rs.2 lakhs

As usual, you are requested to contact your Financial Advisor before taking any Investment Decision and the Author is not liable for losses arising out of any Transaction taken due to the above article or any material published in this blog. The information shared here is only a point of view and for information purose only. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Since today morning, I am been receiving messages on my many WhatsApp group about Sensex returns.
It goes something like this...

25 yrs ago on this day 21st June 1991, P V Narasimha Rao took oath as Prime Minister along with Manmohan Singh as FM.
Sensex on that day was 1,361 and today is @ 26,800 with a growth of 20 times in 25 years....
This is Indian economy..
Believe in Indian economy invest in Indian Equity.........


Sensex has definitely given good returns but Mutual Funds has given GREAT returns.
Some funds like
a) Reliance Growth Fund has grown 80 times in 20 years (not 25 years)
b) Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 96 Fund has grown 100 times (Dividend reinvested) in 20 years
even a Balanced Fund like BIRLA SUNLIFE BALANCED 95 FUND has grown by 59 times in 21 years....
So, yes. Sensex has grown well but MUTUAL FUNDS HAS GROWN BETTER.....MUCH MUCH BETTER.

Of course, both the Sensex and Mutual Funds did not have a Linear Growth and they will NEVER have.
That's exactly the reason you need to have an Advisor who can handhold you and guide your investment.
Let me take the example of ICICI TECHNOLOGY FUND.

See the accompanying images....
The fund had gone down from NAV of Rs.10 to as low as Rs.2.4 and sure enough, 999 out of 1000 investors would have panicked and would have stopped their Sips and would have exited the fund as soon as it touched Rs.10 to recover their costs.
We have seen innumerable times, that investors are willing to wait on a LOSS investment to get to their COST value and the same would have happened.

But, a Competent Advisor would have ensured that the investor continued his sip and stayed invested.
This would have now resulted in a return of 18.42% CAGR.
Yes. You read it right it 18.42% CAGR....
The NAV is now Rs.41 (compare it with Rs.2.4)
Just shows that if you stay for enough time in your fund, you WILL get your returns.
TIME IS MAXIMUM importance in investment.

Of course, a Competent Advisor, would have in 1st place, would not let you invest in a Sector Fund (without a exit plan)....that of course, is a different topic which we will discuss some other day.

And, please remember these returns are AFTER seeing many many hurdles/crises like
1. Harshad Mehta Scam
2. Asian Currency Crisis
3. Pokhran Nuclear Test
4. Kargil War
5. 9/11 Bombing
6. Tech Bubble
7. Ketan parekh scam
8. BJP loss in 2004
9. Satyam scam
10. Lehman Brothers collapse
and many many more....
 So, friends, please understand Equities is the ONLY asset class which has consistently beaten Inflation and all other asset classes (FD, PPF, Gold) over all periods of time and for you to make money in Equities, the BEST ROUTE IS MUTUAL FUNDS.

So, if you want an exposure in equity, MUTUAL FUNDS is the BEST option

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Monday, May 16, 2016


Message from an elevator:  Just get in...

You are waiting for an elevator to take you from ground floor to the 21st floor. As the elevator door opens, you walk in, along with others. You don't know how many stops the elevator is going to make in its journey. You see others pushing various buttons - you get some idea of how many stops, after you've got in. But then, beyond these "known" stops, there are other stops it makes - to take in people from different floors. Do you ever try to predict how many stops the elevator will make before you reach your destination? Or do you simply wait, in full knowledge that the elevator will get you to your destination? When the elevator door opens, the only message it gives you is, "Just get in, I'll get you to your destination".

Markets give us the same message: Just get in, don't worry about how many stops you'll encounter in the journey, you'll get to your destination. To get to your destination, you need to first get in. And then have patience through the journey and confidence in its outcome.

We don't try to be Nostradamus to predict the number of stops the elevator will make in its journey to our destination. Why then do we try to become Nostradamus with markets?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Here's why ELSS is better than PPF & NSC

Normally we tell that if you stay invested in Equity for 5- 7years, you tend to get good least inflation plus.

But as we see in the image, an investor not only made less but even lost his capital even after staying invested for 7 years.

So why should he invest in equity?
Which investor in his senses will think of investing in Equity when the Principal Amount has not grown at all whereas at the same time, both PPF and NSC have more than doubled??

Now observe this image....for the same period the fund we have selected has risen from 10k to 47k when the Nifty has gone negative (remember 7 years!).

Now where does the funds invest? Equity?
Where does the Nifty reflect?

It just shows the difference between investing in Nifty/Sensex on your own and investing through Experts in the form of Fund Managers.

So, the point here is, I am advising/requesting you to invest in Equities but via Mutual Fund route and not directly.
Of course, if you are confident of being able to digest these kind of losses and stay put, please  go ahead but common sense, suggests, that if you are looking for Equity exposure, then Mutual Funds is the route to go.


Secondly from 3000 to 24000 currently 8 times increase meaning Rs 10 nav must have grown to 80 but the answer is 340, again reiterating how good the Fund has been managed.

If someone saw just the 1st Image, he would never ever touch equities in his life, here's where you have to understand the power of Mutual Fund.
Direct Equity people may tom-tom their winnings, but I have been in Stock Markets for 25 years now and in Mutual Funds for 20 years and I can vouch for the fact that THERE ARE MORE WEALTHY INVESTORS THROUGH MUTUAL FUNDS THAN DIRECT EQUITY INVESTMENTS. 
I can fight anyone on this with proven DATA that I have collected over the years.

So, friends, if you want to save Tax, you have to understand that it;s got to be Equity Linked Savings Scheme.

I am not projecting HDFC Tax Saver Fund.
You choose ANY ELSS, you will always find that the Fund has clearly beaten the Nifty/Sensex by a wide margin.

So, this Tax Season when you are thinking of saving tax, better weigh the options and then decide sensibly.
There is no other better option than Equity Linked Savings Scheme!

And, when you have decided to go for an ELSS, dont invest in a Brand.
Go for a Quality Consistent ELSS funds like
Religare Invesco Tax Plan
Axis Long Term Equity Fund
Edelweiss ELSS fund
HDFC Tax Saver
Motilal Oswal Long Term Equity Fund

Ask your Advisor, he will be in a better position to guide you.

Srikanth Matrubai

Srikanth Matrubai,   CEO, SriKavi Wealth Advisors
Mobile: 9972520155

Saturday, January 2, 2016


My neighbour AtiBhudiram doesn’t shy away from going to city outskirts for bargain shopping. He doesn’t mind spending money on petrol to save few rupees. His wife proudly displays the clothes he has bought at such bargain prices to my wife to showcase 
“Neighbour’s Envy Owner’s Pride”!
Atibhudiram also bought a luxury car last month at a bargain price from a popular used car website. Since then, my wife has been behind me: “Look at AtiBhudiram – he has a luxury car and we always either take an auto or a cab. And you call yourself a Financial Advisor!”
Now, this hurt my male ego and pricked my conscience. I had to explain: AtiBhudiram, true to his name, uses his brain too much and is actually losing money. The second hand car he has bought will soon result in spending twice the purchase cost due to repairs.”
I continued, “If you remember, last time when Mr. AtiBhudiram had a prolonged fever, he visited the friendly neighborhood pharmacist, who doubles up as a Doctor to AtiBhudiram, and took the medication.”
Now, this Pharmacist was very “knowledgeable” and recommended tablets to his “patients”. So, most of the neighborhood “saved” Doctor’s fees and took his esteemed recommendations.
I faced my wife, my gaze locked onto hers. “But, what happened? The fever didn’t subside and he was forcefully hospitalized. And, AtiBhudiram had to spend a huge amount of money as the fever had not only blown up but also brought with it additional ailments.
“And, most importantly, Mr. AtiBhudiram’s elder brother, Mr. AtiChatur, had a big accident wherein his car was badly damaged and was bedridden with injuries for more than 2 months.”
My wife intervened: “But his car was insured, isnt it?”
“Yes,” I explained, “his car was surely insured, but to save few rupees, he didn’t go for Zero Depreciation Cover and his insurance company did not pay 100% of claim due to segregation of parts like plastics, metal and rubber.
And my friend Mr. AtiChatur, just like his brother, did not even have a Health Insurance or a Personal Accident because he wanted to save Rs.1200 or Rs.6000 per annum. With this accident, not only he had to pay for his hospital expenses from his own pocket, but he also had to forgo his business income because he was bedridden for few months and did not have a Personal Accident Policy.
Now, if Mr. AtiChatur had a PA policy,
he would have got a weekly allowance, which would have been paid by the insurance company due to the disability caused by accident.
“So, my dear Dharmapatni, I buy quality and not try to be Paisa Wise Rupee Foolish”. Sipping a lassi, I continued, “It is not that I am against second hand cars, but I always buy quality and I do not mind paying extra if it is worth it. Just like I do not mind paying my Doctor his fees – I don’t try to avoid him by going to the friendly neighborhood pharmacist.
“Yes, people can avoid going to a Financial Advisor too and avoid paying fees for financial advise when they can get if for free on countless websites, but the quality of the advice and his approach for investment decisions when it comes to a competent Financial Planner is priceless.
“So, my dear,” I concluded, “please remember there is an old Hindi saying,‘Kuch Paane Ke Liye, Kuch Khona Padta Hai,’meaning,‘you should be prepared to lose something to gain something.’”

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Thursday, December 31, 2015


If there is one question which is most trending in Mutual Fund space, it is SHOULD I CONTINUE WITH HDFC EQUITY FUND?

While there is no right or wrong answers simply because it depends on a number of factors like your Risk Profile, Your other investments, et al.
This article is not written to convince you to continue to hold or sell or invest afresh  (that will be done better by your Financial Advisor), I am trying to show you some data points which are very very useful and could help you in your Investment decisions.

The Fund's performance for the past 4-6 quarters has been pretty insipid and has been panned by many investors. True.
But, its long term performance continues to inspire.
And, its underperformance for some quarters is not new at all. It has this habit of underperformance for quite a while and then bouncing back in style. It has done for so many times in the past.
And, yet, we in the MF field say "Past Performance may not be repeated"!!!!
What is most astonishing some self proclaimed "experts" comparing HDFC Equity Fund's performance with FD and RD!!
Come on! You can’t compare Oranges with Apples.
If you do compare HDFC Equity with Fd and Rd...Then do not compare for 3 or 5 years, but compare for 15 years or 20 years and show me the result!!

Courtesy : Morningstar


As I analysed HDFC Equity fund's performance history....the following amazing points I noticed :

1. The Fund which was launched in January 1, 1995 at Rs.10
Was quoting its NAV as follows:

Year 1 (Jan1, 1996) - Rs.7.29
Year 2 (Jan1, 1997) - Rs.5.67
Year 3 (Jan1, 1998) - Rs.6.79
Year 4 (Jan1, 1999) - Rs.9.29

and the Fund crossed the physiological mark of Rs.10 NAV only on 19th Jan 1999, a full 4 years after its launch!!!!

And, surprise on Year 5 (Jan1, 2000) the Fund's NAV was Rs.24.91.....MORE THAN DOUBLE!!

2. Even for a SIP investor, the value of his investment would have been like this....

Till March 1998, (that is 39 sips)
Invested Amount = Rs.39, 000
Investment Value = Rs.38400/-

So, even the proponents of SIP would have got the stick

The Interesting part is, if the Investor had continued for just 1 more year
Then his
Invested Amount = Rs.51, 000
Investment Value = Rs.86, 451...


Not only he would have gained profit, it would have been a good decent appreciation.
Now, if the investor had continued for one more year

Invested Amount = Rs.63, 000
Investment Value = Rs.1, 95,000

What many would have done is...they would have started in this fund as "Long Term", bought it in the Year 2 and SOLD (!) in year 4, after all your NAV went up from 5.67 to 9.29.
Even After 4 Years NAV Is 8.22,  then, yes, one definitely needs to rethink.
But You would have also noted that the NAV Has Increased From 6.68 to 8.22. It Shows Some Positive Changes In Fund.

Second, Third & Fourth, Year Fund Is Performing.

By the way, for your information, the NAV of HDFC EQUITY FUND  is today Rs.443 and the CAGR for those who have stayed invested since the NFO is 19.78% TAX FREE!!

I am NOT (repeat, not) advocating that you should start investing in HDFC Equity or continue to stay invested... (for that, your Advisor would be in a better position).
What I am trying to say is...if you have started in a fund with a Long Term view, then please do stay invested.
The reward for just staying put is huge.

Caveat: The Fund strategy should be good and so should be the Fund Manager. (This, of course, your Financial Advisor would be able to guide).
Panning a fund for its non-performance (even for a short term) has been a fashion.
Should always compare a fund not only with the Benchmark but also its peers.
A Fund's space in your portfolio Depends on many factors like
Bench mark returns, investment objective , underlining assets where the fund has invested in , fund house, fund manager etc etc .
There are various schemes which have gone through rough patch in the initial few years. The reasons could be multiple. At the same time some schemes have fantastic start and track record and have not been doing well in the recent past.

It is important to for an investor and distributor to stay invested with conviction. Rankings are temporary.

Srikanth Matrubai
SriKavi Wealth Advisors

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


As expected, there is a mad scramble to invest in IRFC's Tax Free Bonds which opened today.
People are rushing in to invest as if there is no other alternative to this issue.

IRFC tax free bond bidding status:

Bidding @ 11.04 am

CAT I        0050.000
CAT II       0708.679
CAT III      0810.370
CAT IV      0659.285

TOTAL      2228.333

Figs in crores

Already more than 2000 crores in 1 hour flat!!

AT 1 PM:
IRFC tax free bond bidding update

Bidding @ 01.15 pm

I      0305.000  44.87%
II     1044.939 115.28%
III    1283.805 113.31%
IV    1325.228  73.10%

TOT 3958.972   87.36%

Figs in crore

And 4000 crores in 3 hours!!

Is it so good?
Are you missing something by not investing?
Lets analyse....

IRFC will be giving you max of 7.53% TAX FREE return (15 year )...meaning, the interest earned on this investment will NOT BE TAXED.

But, do not get confused, the Investment itself will NOT qualify for deduction u/s Sec80C!!!

Just today morning, I was telling a client whose Portfolio was equity heavy and there was definite space for Debt exposure and he was hell bent on investing in this Tax free Bonds.
I suggested him to rather look at Debt Funds at this stage and maybe Arbitrage Funds too.

The BIGGEST ARGUMENT IN FAVOUR OF DEBT FUNDS is that Indexation benefit is allowed but is not allowed in these Tax Free Bonds if you sell before the tenure closes.
That means, the long-term capital gains is taxed at 10%.

Now, when you are investing in a instrument for 15 years, I wonder why should anyone be happy with the paltry return of 7.53% when he can easily earn much more than that in Equity.
Yes, equity is volatile but we all that TIME IN MORE IMPORTANT IN MARKETS and over a period of time, the returns will compensate for the volatility.

If your goal is only to PRESERVE WEALTH, then sure, go ahead, invest in these Tax Free Bonds, but if you want to CREATE WEALTH, then you have to look hard and think seriously about diverting this money into EQUITY MUTUAL FUNDS.

There is absolutely no doubt that India is in a stage where it is poised to take off in a big way....and this is a given and as & when this happens, the Inflation will definitely bounce back and your returns from the Tax Free Bonds will not even match the Inflation and thus your Real Return could well be NEGATIVE.

Wherever there is GUARANTEE , you need to understand you are sacrificing wealth creation.

Never forget the monster called INFLATION................

The MOST important point for me is that TAX TREATMENT ALONE should never be the ONLY criteria for any investment and if someone is investing in Tax Free Bonds with only Tax Benefit as backdrop, he is making a huge huge mistake.

Investments should always be Goal Based

And, please contact your Financial Advisor before investing as he will be in the Best Position to guide you based on your Asset Allocation and Risk Profile.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Focus on Boosting your Income not just cutting expenses

Common man will remain common but also discontented only because he keeps on cribbing about rising prices.
Last month it was Onion which ruled his mind.
Since then it has come down from 100 to 30.
Likewise he used to pay in the high 70s for the petrol which has come down to below 65 levels.
And now it is the Tur Dal which is ruling his mind.
Next month, it will be the Diwali Crackers!!!!

Its in his veins to always keep finding fault and keep finding issues to crib about.

 Focus on Increasing Income too not just cutting your Expenses

I always keep telling my investors that
"there is a limit to how much you can save on expenses....
But there is NO LIMIT to how much you can EARN!

Yes, one has that feeling that Expenses is in OUR HANDS but income depends on variety of factors. Is it really? Yes, if you are salaried person, definitely income is the hands of your employer. But, still, you can do something extra to earn more isn’t it (like Working overtime, teaching, writing, you can put your whatever additional skill to earn that little extra which can take your income to higher pedestal...............who knows.........this could well become your MAIN income too).

Yes, Increasing Income takes time.......but once you are on the path, mark my words, you will be closer to your goal than you would have ever imagined.
If you triple your income 3 days in a row but keep your expenses the same, you can shorten the accumulation period to just 1 year because you'll earn 27 times your current income!
Just tripling your income for 3 days in a row means you are earning 27 times your currne tincome
And, the BIGGEST way to increase your income is to Stop putting that hard earned savings into Traditional instruments and look at Diversified Equity Funds.
What better way to earn Higher Income??!!!

Concentrate your energies and focus your expertise on Earnings.
That does not mean, be a spendthrift. Controlling expenses is the 1st step to getting your finances right. If you don’t know how to control your expense, you won’t be able to save.
Please note that I have used the word “Control” not “Cutting”.
Then, only then, you will become a Contented Man even while being a Common Man"!
Learn to Earn
Earn to Learn.
Keep on adding skills to your Portfolio.
Then you will keep on earning. 

"Be an eagle who soars above the clouds so the rain clouds don't deter him."

 Srikanth Matrubai

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Do you really need a Own Car?

As you scale up Financially, you start adding latest gizmos too..The latest i-
phone, the latest laptop and obviously the next on your radar would be the 
BRAND NEW CAR (sometimes, even a High End Second Hand Car) 

Having your own Car obviously shows to the World that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!  

But, have you truly???

 Is it worth buying a Car just to show off? 

Is it financially prudent decision?? 

Just like buying a Smartphone brings with it loads of accompanying recurring 
expenses like Data Plan, App Service Fees, etc and thus force you to do 
research before buying one.... 

Same goes towards buying a Car too... 

Buying a Car brings with it loads of recurring expenses like Regular Servicing, 
Annual Insurance, Parking, the Regular repairs and not to forget Depreciation 


True, there are hordes of Ads all over the place luring you... 

Low Rates, Longer Warranties, Higher Mileage, Promised Buyback, etc. 


So, before heading off to purchase your New Car consider the following: 

1. Do you have any load to clear off ? (Education, etc) 
2. Do you have a Secure Job? 

3. Do you have a BIG expense coming up (your marriage, perhaps?) 

4. How many times you will be taking out the Car.... (Are you buying the car to 
show off or do you really NEED it) 


And, last but not the least...... 

Do not forget this is the era of Door Services and hence just a click of a button, 
you have a chauffeur driver Cab (Uber/Ola) on your doorsteps to serve you at 
very nominal rates. 



For your information, a recent article in revealed that 
there was a almost 30% drop in the number of cars purchased by people aged 
18 to 34 in the US! 

Remember, CAR is ultimately a Tool to travel and not an Aspiration, especially 
for those who have just started earning. 

First earn your Millions and then think of a Personal Car. 

I personally do not own one. Many of my Advisor friends are shocked and ask 
me “What will your clients think about you” 
I reply “My client comes to me for my Knowledge not to look at my Means of 


And, moreover for me, REAL VACATION is not driving for many hours, hundreds 
of miles in my car with full of stress.....I would rather relax and enjoy the 
Shatbadi Train Journey or the good old Volvo A/c Bus without having to worry about navigating the Traffic!!! 


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Monday, September 28, 2015


 Be A Smart Investor and Start Investing Early to Get Compounding Benefits. 

Little Drops of Water Make A Mighty Ocean!!

 Saying to you “I will start next week” is nothing less than a disaster. This next week could well next fortnight, next month, next quarter and even next year. Time flies and the amount you need to invest will only increase. The hard truth is you just can’t afford to delay.

 It is rightly said that Time is more than money. 

Starting saving early ensures that you have the time ti ride out the stock market volatility and thus you are in a position from the '8th Wonder of the World' the "Compound" effect. The younger you are, the fewer are your financial obligations, leaving you with higher surplus to invest. 

If you start to invest from the age of 25 years Rs. 5000 a month, your total investment will be Rs. 21 Lacs till your retirement age of 60 years. Your investment value will be Rs.5.70 Crore.

If you start to invest from the age of 35 years Rs.15000 a month, your total investment will be Rs. 45 Lacs till your retirement age of 60 years. Your investments value will be Rs 4.13 Crore.
How come you invest less still get more value or you invest more still get less value ?? 
It is just because "Time is More than Money"

Start investing Early in life to create more wealth...
You will be surprised to see the enormous difference by investing just 1 month early.


Do you know that if you intend to invest Rs.2000pm and delay the same by just one(1) month, you would be losing Rs.1,90,792!!!! (Calculated @20% for 25 years). And in today's worth of money, you are losing Rs.44,454. Yes, by delaying your Rs.2000 investment by 1 month, you are losing Rs.44,454 in today's worth

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