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Laying on a Hospital Bed, I could write a Tragic Story as to why me?
I dont smoke
I dont drink
I dont eat non veg
I maintain strict diet
But, fate is like that..It can be very cruel. Thankfully, it has given me another shot at life so hence I thought why not write things which I have learnt from the Hospital Bed

We Financial Advisors are always tuned to be ready for ANY emergency and keep telling our clients the same.
But, when that Emergency hit ME, it was nothing of a shock.
What started with a small pain in Chest led to a "just to be safe" check thing led to another and lo! within a couple of days my Heart was injected with STENT!
Life can change in a jiffy!
Laying on the Hospital Bed, I observed many things which gets connected with our Financial Plans and here are some of those musings.

As I came down after climbing the Tirumala Hills, I didnt have discomfort but the next morning, immediately after breakfast...I started feeling Stomach Heavy and a very light Chest Pain.
I asked the ISKCON people for guidance and they guided me to REDDY & REDDY colony.
Now, this Reddy & Reddy Colony has about 1200 buildings and every single building (repeat, every single building) consists of
1. An Hospital or
2. A clinic or
3. Diagnostic Centre or
4. Medical Shop or
5. Ayurvedic Centre
et al........every single building had some kind of a connect with Health! Never ever seen or heard of anything like this before.
Finally, went to the Doctor recommended by the ISCKON people. The Doc immediately did an ECG, gave a tablet and said "Mr.Srikanth, you can go back to Bangalore now..but do get a complete check-up done there".
And I was off!

With so many many doctors, hospitals, I could have easily lost my place and gone any kind of a quack but thankfully I chose the one recommended by ISKCON and thus landed safely in Bangalore.
Likewise, there are so many many funds, you could easily choose A WRONG FUND and lose your capital forever. Its best to stick to a Advisor and his choices

As I was waiting for my turn for the check up, the Doctor was examing two friends and said "Tum Muslim Ho? To Roz 5 Baar Namaz Karna Padega...Ise Dil mazboot ho ga" ("You are a MUslim? Then you have to do 5 times Namaz....this will make your Heart Strong)
and turning to his friend said "Tum Jesus Ko sirf Sunday Yaad karne se kuch nahi hoga....Har Roz Pray Karna Padega" (Remembering Jesus only on Sunday isnt enough...pray daily)
This is  TRUE SECULAR INDIA. A Hindu Doctor....she could have talked about Bhagwad Gita but she did what is good for patient and will ACTUALLY FOLLOW.

When an Advisor gives you advise to invest in Emergency Fund or an Insurance....he is interested in YOUR growth.
Some advisors may not be able to effectively communicate but you as Investors have to get the INTENT behind the advise and follow them.

Right opposite my bed lay a 60+ patient and throughout the night he used to call out to God "Hey Prabhu....Sirf 6 maine Aur de do....Phir mujhe Utha lena" (Give me just 6 more months and later take my life)!!!
While the matter is definitely sad, its also comical that almost every person on a death bed has the similar prayer. Just step back and try to recollect...isnt it??
Now, at least in terms of financial goals, we can be PREPARED for such eventuatility.
Expecially, good Advisors ensure that they underpromise and overdeliver.
Meaning...if a goal requires say about 25 lakhs....advisors tend to play safe and provide for 20% back up at 30 lakhs which a Self Advised (Direct Investor) will not.
Even in terms of returns too, more or less same pattern is observed.
So, at least Financially, a Good Advisor will ensure that you are prepared for any Eventuality/Goal much ahead of its actual requirement.

4. 2 Patient, 1 Attender
Each patient was allowed a personal attender (family member/friend).
My wife revealed that she observed that 2 Patients in another ward had only 1 single attender!
Now, this attender had a tough time managing to look after both the Patients (husband and brother) all at the same it feeding the patients, bathing...all  in that limited time period. She was not able to concentrate on either of the patients fully. Sad.
Takeaway :
2 takeaways actually.
1. Have seen many investors have 2 or 3 advisors "just to be safe". this is ridicilous!! Stick with 1 Good Advisor and it should be find otherwise you will only be confusing not only your yourself but even your advisors.
2. Have seen many investors invest in funds suggested by a Good Advisor with small amount and then going DIRECT and invest BIG to save expenses. Another bullshit idea!
Its a Plain PAISA WISE RUPEE FOOLISH startegy. The Calculations, et al could go for a toss and you could well land up in a mess.
Stick to 1 Good Advisor and he will guide you to your Goals.

Thankfully, almost the entire hirerachy of the Hospital were known to me.  (Some of them were my investors, some friends, and most importantly, some close relatives).
This ensured that I was looked after well and extreme care was taken to ensure that I recovered as quickly as possible.

When it comes to investments, it makes sense to have all kinds of asset classes and all kinds of funds in your portfolio.
Your portfolio should be truly diversifed!!!
Depending on the risk profile and time horizon, you need to have an
Equity Fund (inevitable)
Debt Fund
Balanced Fund
Liquid Fund
Gold Fund
Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap
this ensures that when the time comes, each and every single fund will ensure that you are SAFE truly.

6. Insurance
My Health Insurance ensured that the LEAST of worry for my family was the HOSPITAL BILL.
I had myself sufficiently covered from my health Insurance from APOLLO MUNICH.
the claim was settled cashless and my family did not even have to call any Apollo person.
What this means is.....any expenses spent on Insurance is NOT A WASTE OF MONEY.

Finally, if you have observed, in the beginning of the article I have mentioned about a CHECK UP....
Due to this Check up...the problem was deducted and my life was saved.
Similarly, do not wait for a Financial Emergency to hit you and then go running to a Good financial it right now!
The earlier the better for your portfolio to get corrected and help you achieve your goals.

All those GET WELL wishes, you people have sent, will surely make GOD think twice of sending me to an hospital purely for the large number of wishes.
God will surely envy my well wishers.
Thank you friends.

Saturday, February 17, 2018




Check any FORBES list be it India, Pakistan, or even the World....
Check this years list....2015's, 2010's or even 1990's 
Whatever list you go through, you will find one COMMON LINK...

You will not find a single SALARIED PERSON there!!!


You can be RICH with Salary but you cannot be WEALTHY!!!
In salary you are creating wealth for others not you. 

Rich people have to work for money......Money works for Wealthy people
True there are incredibly wealthy people who became rich only by salary (Sundar Pichai, Tim cook,etc) but you can count on fingertips literally.

Dhirubhai Ambani ....would have been the manager of Petrol Bunk if he continued to satisfied with salary. But he decided SALARY se kuch nahi hoga and became an entrepreneur and the results are there for every one to see!

Its a myth that having a high income and working harder makes you Rich and Wealthy.
You need to have multiple streams of INCOME and that includes the Income that you currently have!!
A salary doesn't guarantee a lifetime of Income. So, a alternative stream of passive income is a MUST.
Yes, I do agree that a Salaried person doesn't have to worry about his work post 5pm till next day 9am but at the same time...can he take a 5 day - 10 day leave from work 2/3 times a year??
Do also Remember your employer is always looking at ways to pay you as little as possible so that he can MAKE MORE MONEY!!

For me, a Salaried person is Time Rich but Asset Poor and never forget there are 24 hours in a day and there is a limit to how much you can work!!

Sure...a Salaried person can definitely become Rich.
Look at Sundar Pichar....Indra Nooyi....Tim Cook
They are super rich
But, its because they are supremely talented. Not everyone of us have that kind of talent wherein the Employer splurges on us to retain in his company.
In fact, the more you use your talent for the company..the more the OWNER is making money.....much much more than you!!
As a salaried person, you are helping your EMPLOYER (Boss) build their Dreams.
But what about your dreams??
Wait..I am earning whats stopping me from achieving my dreams. 
Simple....too many ifs and buts for a salaried person
You will see as you read further....

You have about 72,000 working hours in your entire life.
(8 hours per day * 300 days per year * 30 years)
Some work more some work less.
Okay...Lets take it as 1,00,000 hours

Now multiply that with what you can earn per hour....thats how much potentially rich you are.
You work for about 200 hours a month (8hours * 25 days....I have not even counted the holidays and the 2nd Saturdays et al)
So, suppose your salary is Rs.1,00,000 per month...that means you are earning about Rs.500 per hour. 
Now, calculate this Rs.500 * the 1,00,000 working hours throughout your life ....thats about Rs.5 crores of Income.
No not yet..
This is the just the salary...what about your expenses.....your insurance...your kids fees...your PPF...your taxes??
Ab Kitna Bacha??
How much you have now!!!
Now...tell me are you still ready to say I AM PAID WELL..
Yes...again this salary increases year after year but so does your expenses...your taxes...

But, investments work for us not just this 1,00,000 hours but 24*7, 365 days, throughout our life.

Go ahead and enjoy the latest Blockbuster in PVR...but at the same time...make sure that your money is working for you by making money for you to watch this movie. If yes....go ahead enjoy the movie as your investment in EQUITIES is making sure that you are earning passively too.

A salaried persons mentally wired to think of SAVINGS while an Entrepreneur's mentaility is wired towards EARNING.
Saving is good but EARNING is better!!



Risk is something that can cause bankruptcy or severe loss of capital. 
Volatility is the ups and downs that can happen to the Business (read Investment). Volatility may cause stress and heart burn but it does not kill.

Volatility happens in BUSINESS not in salary(Fixed almost always)
Stock markets are volatile...
The Mutual Funds are volatile.
Learn to live with it
Then there is this RISK OF JOB LOSS right??
How sure are you that you would get a similar salary paying job right away if your Boss fires you??
Think about it...

Salary is taxed
Investment is not...(yes the new LTCG says 10% above 1 lakh)
But, its just 10%
So, if your Salary is HUGE ...the same is added to your income and its taxed at 30% but the Investment returns (profits only) are taxed at 10% only !!!
 Remember, that Long Term Capital Gains is taxed at a LOWER RATE (10% max)  than regular income (30% at higher level)

And for God's sake do not get lured by the innumerable GET RICH schemes and have even your modest savings wiped out. That would be a DISASTER.
The majority of people who lose money in these GET RICH frauds are the salaried people and housewives....Google will reveal the numbers too.

You need to PLAN.
In fact, even in the Roman times, some intelligent Slaves would earn enough money to buy themselves freedom from slavery and even get slaves of their own!!
Here too..the point is...they made money (slaves) work for them.
"The number one reason most people don't get what they want is that they don't know what they want. Rich people are totally clear that they want wealth," goes a saying

Invest in Assets which APPRECIATE and not in those which Depreciate in value
Assets that appreciate could be Equities, Property, Gold,etc
Assets that depreciate are Car, TV, Mobile Phones
There is no need  to show off that you have arrived.

INVEST IN YOURSELF dont have to skip going to that UDIPI hotel for breakfast.
After clearing any debt you have and saving for an EMERGENCY....the No.1 priority of yours should be INVESTING (I used the word investing and not saving)
a) Look after your Wealth
b) Try to add a Skill which will generate additional money for you
c) Add to your income by maybe becoming a Driver for Ola/Uber in sparetime. 

Kayne West, a celebrity with a Private Jet went bankrupt in a jiffy because of his reckless spending. He had a staggering $53 million in debt!!!!!!
You dont need an island or a private yatch. Its just a show off.  AVOID all show offs emphasizes self-made millionaire T. Harv Eker.
Find satisfaction with less. This will help you lead a fulfilling and exciting life later in your life. 


Learn about Compounding
Most people retire by 55-56 and Warren Buffet earned his 1st $1 Billion only at Age 56.
So...dont get disheartened.
His wealth is now worth a staggering $74 Billion up by 74 times in 28 years....thats a huge 16.62% CAGR

Shall I tell you a secret....
HDFC TAX Saver Fund has grown from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.141 lakhs in 21 years easily beating Warren Buffet generating a whopping 26.57% CAGR
And this is just one example.
There are numerous other funds like ADITYA BIRLA SUNLIFE TAX RELIEF 96, RELIANCE GROWTH FUND which have given a staggerring 20% + CAGR for more than 20 years!!
Hows that for consistency.
Indian Mutual  Funds have been very very consistent and you need to find just 4-5 good funds and your path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM is set.
Find a Good Advisor....invest in Mutual Funds and RELAX!!


Wealthy People allocate MORE towards Saving/Investing.
Check the chart attached.....HNIs allocate a whopping 45% of their Income towards Saving/Investing which is commendable and should be followed. 
The Thumb rule is 20% of monthly income should go to Savings/Investing but this chart shows that the Super Rich keep aside 45% of their income.
And, they become much more richer.
RICH KEEP GETTING RICHER is purely due to their FAR SIGHTED approach.


Wrong thinking!!!!
Suppose say you have an EMI of 10k
Now if EMI jumps from 10k to 12k

you will manage to pay right??Likewise....
Consider SIPs as future EMIs and start paying them!!!!


Does that you should stop enjoying your life?
Not at all.
There are so many enjoyable things in life which thankfully are STILL FREE.
1. Go to a Government Library and read FREE all the Daily Newspapers, Magazines, Books
2. Go to Park and enjoy the Pollution Free Atmosphere
3. Go and visit friends/relatives. Increase Bondage. Makes life so worthwhile. Rediscover the joy of friendship and relationships.
4. Go to a Orphanage, Old Age Home and spend time doing voluntary work. It will sooth your heart. The blissful sleep that you get when you serve them is unparalleled.
5. Go to a Temple and enjoy the soulful peaceful ambience
6. Lots of plays/comedy shows are regularly held by Organisations wherein Entrance is FREE. Go and enjoy

Not so soon my friend
Running a Business is no easy job....
Workers, Taxes, Laws, Rents, Competition, Bribes...what not (all this are mandatory expenses and have to be spent whether you are earning or not!)

Continue your job before the FOOL PROOF PLAN is set in place
Remember even while taking a salary you can become rich by participating in ESOPS wherein you are now a PARTNER in that company.

Finally, do remember before taking the plunge of leaving a job completely and becoming entrepreneur, create a SERIOUS BACK UP
1. Have an Emergency Fund (at least 1 years expense)
2. Have All Insurance in place( Life, Health, etc)
3. Have a Back up (a similar salary paying job)
4. Start small by way of a  SIP in Mutual Funds and gradually build a BIG CORPUS
5. Invest in Right Asset Class
6. See if you can do a Part Time job like a Teacher, etc
You HAVE to generate PASSIVE Income (Note....I said Passive (not ACTIVE)  so that you could continue to concentrate on the MAIN income)
Please google and read the  story of DAYMOND JOHN who saved every penny of the TIPS he received as a WAITER at Red Lobster and invested in Hats Business and become a Multi Millionare (Brand name FUBU)

Yes and no.
NO...because becoming an entrepreneur requires lots of planning and lots of back up in terms of money, etc

Yes. Go ahead and work 8 hours a day for someone.
But also do remember to work at least 2 hours a week for yourself.
Find a Good financial Advisor and follow his advise and save even that 2 hours.
But, to find that good will have to spend some time. (But, thats a ONE time spend...and worth every second of it)
Ultimately what matters is that even when your monthly pay check STOPS you should still be able to live your life as normally as you used to without worrying about the Cash Flows!!

And that will happen only when you PLAN the same by way of INVESTING.
As I said EQUITY MUTUAL FUNDS in India have a excellent track record of generating a good 15% + CAGR over a period of 15 years and above
You dont even need to become an entrepreneur.
Continue your job...keep getting the Fixed Salary (without the bother of whether your company is doing well or not) and keep investing in Stock markets via Mutual Funds.
You are now a Partner with BIRLAs, TATAs, SUNDARAMs.  Grow with them and become rich

Run now....find a Good Financial Advisor and start your journey to Financial Freedom.
All the Best,
Srikanth Matrubai

You will live with contentment!!!

Also visit http:/http://

Does not mean you should not go for a job
the point is...
When you are a Business/entrepenuer...the scope for INCOME is immense..

Think like a businessman
Do a job
But... become a partner in some business
Best way....make people like BIRLA/TATA your business partners...

Invest in Mutual funds which buys shares of these companies and participate in their growth

and there you are !!!!

Growing with them as SLEEPING PARTNERS!!!

"I worked even when my kids were sick" 

"I attended a meeting an hour after the funeral of my dad," 

 "I did not take a single holiday in the last 3 years" or

 "I only saw my children growing horizontally in their beds."

👆 It's not a matter of pride to say these kind of statements

Live a better life. Consultant a Financial Advisor