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My friend on a recent visit to the Lyautey's estate at Thorey noticed a hugely attractive tree and asked the Guide about it.

Brimming with pride, the Guide said..."Sir...this is a Cooper Beech Tree and is more than 100 years old. It was planted by Marshall Lyautey who was a General in Napoleon's army"

The guide continued "General Lyautey used to love GREENERY and possessed an huge garden with variety of trees. One day he and his gardener were looking over the Estate and the Gaint Trees planted there from all over the World. 
Lyautey said to the Gardener "I do not see Copper Beech Tree". 
The Gardener signed and said "It is a slow growing tree and takes more than 100 years to reach maturity. Hence didn't plant".

The Marshall replied "There is no time to lose...Plant it this afternoon" !!!!

Just imagine the far farsightedness of the Marshall.
Whoever plants the Copper Beech Tree will never see it fully grown and thus you need REAL LONG TERM VISION to plant it. 

Now, even after planting, after you, someone should take it forward, nurture with patience, love and care and make sure it actually grows properly.
Besides, the tree during its growth stage will definitely face huge challenges in terms of Cyclones, Floods, Famine, Pest, all of which will play their part in blocking the growth.

But, TRUE tree lovers will go ahead and plant it. 

These trees when fully grown reach heights in the range of 65-110 feet and live for 200 years plus sometimes as long as 400 years.

The tree is truly huge and requires about 5-6 adults holding hands to ring its trunk.

It takes GUTS/COURAGE and real long term vision to plant a tree that takes 150 years to mature.

True Wealth Creators actually have a lesson to learn from this tree…

You need to have this kind of patience, vision, discipline, faith to CREATE HUGE WEALTH

Actually, to create WEALTH, you dont wait for that long and  in fact, you can ACTUALLY SEE AND EXPERIENCE THE WEALTH YOURSELF. 

What is needed is Discipline, Vision, Focus and Faith. 

And the magic of you being  WEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS is sure to be a reality.

Do you have that VISION?

If yes...welcome on board.

No.....DEVELOP the Wealthy Habits shared regularly by Srikanth Matrubai on his tweets, facebook posts, blogs, Telegram channel and no one can stop you from being a SUPER WEALTHY person.

All the best
Srikanth Matrubai

By savings, you’re buying your future.
By borrowing, you’re selling your future. And by investing , you are creating your future.
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Monday, June 1, 2020



The Founding Father of America, Benjamin Franklin, who was also a Scientist, Innovator left such a legacy that his INVESTING BRILLIANCE continued to help thousands of Americans even after 200 years of his Death.

How did he do this?

When he died in 1790, he left a will which gifted 1000 Pound Sterling ($4,500) each to 2 of his favourite cities.....his native Boston and his adopted city Philadelphia.

But he put a condition on Using this Gifted Money.

He stipulated that the Gift money had to be put in a Trust which would earn Compound Returns over the next 200 years. 
However, after 100 years, each city was allowed to use 75% of the corpus on Public Utilities (Road, School, Parks, etc) and continue to put the remaining 25% for compounding growth. 

The Corpus would grow by lending Principal young Entrepreners who would want to set up their own businesses.
It was assumed that the borrowers would repay the Loan with interest and thus the Size of the Corpus would grow.

The funds were thus given to small businessmen and eager entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business.
The loans were given at nominal rates even lesser than what Banks used to charge.


Accordingly, after 100 years, the BOSTON fund had grown to US$3,91,000 and as instructed, the corpus were spent on Public Works including setting up of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology by spending about $3,22,490.

And after 200 years, in 1990, the Boston fund corpus had grown to US$50,00,000

The Philadelphia fund also was used wisely. The city's 1st library, its 1st hospital, street lights and The University of Pennsylvannia,etc came up from the fund set up by Benjamin Franklin.
Philadelphia also used the corpus to cover the public debt.
The Philadelphia had grown to about half of Boston corpus

Finally, after 200 years, in 1990, the balance corpus was handed over to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston.

There were many destruction and disasters that happened during these 200 years
The 1812 War
The Civil War
The World War 1
The Great Depression
The World War 2 
and many recessions

Benjamin Franklin believed that money left untouched and allowed to grow is the best recipe for TRUE FINANCIAL SUCCESS and he proved it with this True Live Example.

This is a true blue example of Benefits of Starting Early and Staying the Course when it comes to a Long Term Goal.
And of course, a great way of leaving a legacy.

In a sense, Benjamin Franklin was the FIRST REAL LONG TERM INVESTOR.

Srikanth Matrubai
It was in 1962 that NASA knew how to put a man on the moon. However they actually put a man on the moon only in 1968. Why?

Simply because NASA had to perfect the art of bringing him back.

Likewise, Just investing and getting a BIG Corpus is not enough.
Do you know how to handle the Withdrawals???

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Srikanth Matrubai Author of the Amazon Best Seller DON'T RETIRE RICH
Do read the book and give your valuable feedback and request you to post positive comments on the Amazon. You can purchase the book on amazon and flipkart Please subscribe to my TELEGRAM channel


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