Thursday, January 22, 2009

Add more ELSS???

Add more ELSS???
Mr.Rohan Agarwal wrote back with a new query :
Dear Shrikanth,

Thanks for replying to my last query.

To pay 0 tax on my income , i need to claim deductions of 45,000 under section 80c.

To do that i am investing 30,000 in ELSS and 15,000 in PPF.

I have invested 2,000 in each of the following ELSS Schemes.

DWS Tax Saving G

Fidelity Tax Advantage G

HDFC Taxsaver-G

Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver

Principal Personal Tax Saver Fund G

I will further invest 4000 more in each of these , total of 30000.

Do you thing this is a good balance of ELSS Funds and currect number of funds for investing 30,000.

Thanks in Advance.

Rohan Agarwal.


Dear Rohan Agarwal,

You have the right mix of ELSS funds and you can continue to not only stay invested in these but also add more of the same.
You can however consider adding DSPML Tax Saver Fund which is more into Large Caps and could add stability to your portfolio.
Your exposure to Mid Cap and Small Cap is more through ELSS funds and not via Diversified Equity Funds, which means an automatic lock-in of 3 years, which should reward you by the end of lock-in term. And also, age being on your side, you need not at worry on this front. Your open-ended funds investment are in 3 Very Very Good Funds, which you can encash anytime without too much of a bruising.
Carry on without a worry and full of confidence.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar matrubai.
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