Thursday, January 22, 2009

Advise on my portfolio

Hello sir

I have gone thrugh your while searchin for SIP ivestment.It provided me with some useful insights regarding SIP.I am a 21 year old working software professional, i would like to invest 3000 in SIP that would be a part of MBA expenses.So i'm investing 1500 which would give me tax benefits and d other 1500 in equity growth fund the following is my portfolio.

1000- Sundaram paribas BNP tax saver
500- principal tax saver
1000- reliance growth ( targetted at small and midcap )
500- Sundaram Select Focus ( targetted at Large cap )

Plz advice on my portfolio.should i go for reliance growth or hdfc growth or reliance rsf growth.
Thanking you



Dear Vemula Swamy,

Congratualtions Vemula Swamy, your portfolio is one of those rare ones which is perfect and needs little or no changes. Say thanks to your advisor. Your portfolio is a perfect blend of Large Cap and Diversified Equity. Continue with the same.
Regarding your second query, between reliance growth or hdfc growth or reliance rsf growth, I prefer HDFC Growth as you already have Reliance Growth. However, I would prefer you add Fidelity Equity Growth rather than the above mentioned 3 funds.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

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