Sunday, January 11, 2009


Mr.Suresh asked for an advise on his portfolio

I am investing thru\\` SIP in the following funds(div-reinvest) around 500-1000 per month.
-Sundaram Select Focus
-Reliance Vision/ Growth
-Birla -Frontline
-HDFC top 200
-SBI Magnum Contra

As the markets are down I want to invest further around RS2000 every month, kindly suggest some good funds.



Srikanth Shankar Matrubai replied :
"Dear Suresh,
Congratulations! Your portfolio is excellent. Well done. Keep it up.

You seem to have chosen your portfolio very carefully.
For your further investment of 2000 monthly, after careful analysis, I found that your portfolio does not have a good International Fund, maybe you could add the same by investing either in Templeton India Equity Income Fund or Fidelity International Opportunities Fund.
You could also consider adding DSPML World Gold Fund for stability and better returns than Gold. This Fund invests in stocks of Gold Mining Companies Worldwide and these stocks typically give double returns than Direct Gold.
Maybe, you could also add a Balanced Fund to your portfolio like HDFC Prudence and SBI Magnum Balanced Fund.
Best of luck. "

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