Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dear all,
The Global Financial Crises we are witness to today is unprecendented and many Economies, (even Developed ones) are on the brink of an looming impending Recession. In response, Central Banks, with US leading from the front, are pumping in tonnes and tonnes of money by printing more and more Dollars. But the disaster waiting to happen is, that this Oversupply of Paper Currency is not backed by any Real Assets such as Gold. Which means, that the Currency that the US Govt is pumping is only a Paper churned out from Printing Presses.
What this creates is, that Gradually the Confidence in US Dollar will reduce and its VALUE too decrease (Remember Zimbabwe?).

This is where a proxy currency such as "GOLD" holds intrinsic value, since the supply of it is limited and which is not in control of any Central Bank. Gold has a unique characteristic of "storage value", vis-à-vis paper currencies. Paper currencies tend to lose value over a period of time due to inflation (loss of purchasing power) caused by over supply as it leads to a situation where more and more currency is required to buy the same amount of goods.
Another shocker is that the Gold Reserves held by US, UK and other Developed Countries on threshold of depression has fallen considerably. While the ratio of Gold to Currency was 141.2 tonnes to 1bn$ in circulation, now it is ONLY 10.7tonnes to 1bn$ in circulation. This shows that More paper Currency is in circulation backed by Less Gold. To correct this analomy, the US needs to increase its Gold Reserves by MORE than 13 times!!!!
This will only Fasten the process of Falling Confidence and Faith in the US Dollar and hasten the image of Gold as the Saviour to protect over the Long Term.
Citigroup, in a recent report has said that gold will touch US$ 2,000 per ounce. That's 2.5 times the current price of the yellow metal at US$ 800. The firm believes the measures taken to tackle the financial crisis will not stabilise the global economy. Instead they will lead to a painful depression. As per the bank, the financial system has tripped beyond recovery, towards depression. In this scenario, there will be a flight towards gold. In fact, according some reports, China plans to add nearly 6 times its current gold reserves of 600 tonnes in a move away from foreign paper currencies.

With the financial crisis not over yet and the recession looming large, central banks would continue to inject more and more money into the financial system. Thus the debasement of the currencies will continue making Gold more and more attractive as a hedge against the dwindling purchasing power and the loss of faith and confidence in paper currencies.
Gold is seriously undervalued.

Buy gold before it gets expensive.

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