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Mr.Akhil sharma had a few more doubts and wrote:

you said that the Tata Motors Fixed Deposit Scheme is "SECURED".I read the offer document and it says that..
The Company hereby declares that:

(i) The Company has complied with the provisions of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits)

Rules 1975, as amended upto date; (ii) The compliance with these rules does not imply that the

repayment of deposits is guaranteed by the Central Government; (iii) The deposits accepted/

renewed by the Company are unsecured and shall rank pari-passu with other unsecured

liabilities; (iv) The Company is not in default in the repayment of any or part thereof and any

interest thereon in accordance with the terms and conditions of such deposits.

So will my money be secure even if the company dissolves or is taken by some other company!!
thanks and regards
Akhil Sharma

Dear Akhil Sharma,
By saying "Secured", I did not mean it literally, I meant it only in Good Faith. It is as safe as the company itself. If it files for bankruptcy, then you queue up for your deposit dues.. GoI or FDIC is not giving any guarantee for the deposits..

Though, Their $ credit rating has been downgraded to bb-. Indian rating remains as is. There is also the Tata group name behind it (I doubt if the group will let one of its companies fail).....

Given all this, what do think might be % chance of failure?
Some of the regional and co-operative banks are offering fixed deposits at somewhat similar rates of interest. But the security of money with them is always questionable, especially in the current economic circumstances. If we have to trust any company, the Tata Group is undoubtedly among the favorites. Moreover, successful vehciles like Tata Indica, Tata Safari, Tata Ace etc and anticipatory success of Tata Nano makes the funds more more secure.

The major issue of course: Is Tata Motors going to be solvent? Going by how this stupid government is thinking of bailout a Satyam, I think it's a given that even Tata Motors is going to be bailed out. In Satyam they aren't even letting the shareholders go bust - usually bailouts protect debt holders, but here they're protecting those that took the risk!

Given this mentality it's likely Tata Motors won't be allowed to go bust, but if things get ugly money could be stuck for a while. The financials don't look very good, but that's true of everything. Comes down to trust. So if you like Ratan Tata - and most importantly, if he likes you - this might just be the "alpha" you're looking for.

If you are so worried, you can consider going for FD by State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur which too has a 3 year FD paying 10.75% compounded Quarterly. Backed by Govt of India!!!! So, by foresaking .25% extra, you are avoiding risk and ensuring safety. There is nothing wrong in it. Go ahead.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

To this, Mr.Akhil Sharma wrote a thank you letter :
you are the best sir!!!
thanks a lot!
you are a big support to me!!
great going sir!
god bless you n your family!

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