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One Guest by name RR asked,

I would like to have views about Sundaram Select Focus after Satyam fiasco. The MF has an exposure of 25.38 crores(abt 3.26%) investments in Satyam. How much do u think MF would be affected by the downfall in Satyam price?
I have a SIP of 2k per month on it. Do you all think i should continue with the SIP?
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai advised ;
Dear RR,
Sundaram Select Focus has been a consistent performer both during Bull Runs as well as Bear Runs. The Satyam Shockers has left many Fund Managers stumped and Sundaram was not alone. And even prudent Fund House like HDFC, Big DII like LIC too had a Bigger exposure than Sundaram. However, note that nowhere is any information available to the latest holding. Everyone is relying on Dec 2008 holding. Many Fund Houses would/could have already sold as some Funds like ICICI have clarified.
The break up of Sund. select Focus`s portfolio `ll be available at the end of this month & u can check the same from fund`s as well as other websites
Almost all the MFs have dumped Satyam shares from their portfolio, yes due to sudden price erosion some effect on NAV is there but after exit from satyam, the MFs r redeploying the money in other stocks, which `ll help u to recover ur losses on account of value erosion in satyam. .
Also note, even if the Fund house has had an exposure to Satyam after the fiasco, its NAV would have already reflected the same and there is no use selling the Fund after the NAV has already gone down.
Above all this, you are investing through SIP, which will protect from the downside More than a LUmpsum investor.
My sincere advise would be that you should continue your SIP investment in the Fund, as Sundaram Select Focus Fund has been a Better Performer than most Diversified Funds at any Given time.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai,

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