Sunday, March 22, 2009

ULIP/Mutual Fund, which is Preferable??

Mr.Badrinath wrote ;

Dear Friend,

I Saw your blogspot its realy very attractive. This year i am planning to invest 6,00,000 rupees every year for 20 years for my kid education, according to you which is most preferable ULIP Child Plan or Mutual Fund

Please send me if you have any comparisions about the Mutual fund and ULIP

Thanks and Regards,

Badarinath C.R.

Dear badrinath,
First of all, thank you for you very nice words on my blog.
Before answering your question, I happened to go through your blog ( I was shocked. You are aged 24-25, if I am not wrong. And you already have a kid!!!. Good.
And now, 6,00,000 per annum means a saving of Rs.50,000 per month. A Huge Saving Indeed for a Assistant Manager in a Bank. I was in a dilemma. It is not a big headache suggesting ULIP/Mutual Fund. But what stopped me, how come a person with MBA in Finance Specialisation is asking for my advise. Then it stuck me, Yes, you want to TEST my knowledge and maybe try to make a fool out of me.
So, sorry, Mr.Badrinath. I do not feel you are asking this question with any sincerety. You yourself are competently qualified to advise yourself and would definitely not need my advise. If you still feel you do, do visit my blog and under the tag "Financial Planning", you will find number of advises similar to your query.
Best of luck,
Srikanth shankar Matrubai

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