Sunday, May 10, 2009


A Rare NFO which is Good

ICICI has come with a New Fund Offer named ICICI Prudential Target Returns Fund, a Open Ended Diversified Fund. The objective of the Fund is to Generate Capital Appreciation by investing in Equity/Equity Related instruments of BSE100 and, Providing investors with options to withdraw their investment automatically based On Triggers as when and when achieved.

The Fund offers Investors a Option to Switch out their Capital Appreciation or Entire Investment when the Fund reaches a Particular Target, preset at either at 12%, 20%, 50% or 100%. This will help the Investor to Book his profit and protect any Downward Fall.
A Back Testing carried by the AMC shows that a Trigger @ 20% moved into even a Normal Savings Account would have given a Return of 14.92 on a Rs.10Nav., whereas Not using the Trigger would have left your NAV at 10.04 inspite of the NAV having Touched a High of 21.
(This Simulation is based on a Value of Rs.10 invested on 01 Jan 2006 till March 2009).

These scheme will give comfort to first-time investors, who usually come when markets are at peak and then lose out money when they fall. These scheme will book profits regularly in a discipline manner. Profit booking in a disciplined manner is essential. Investors tend to become greedy when they see appreciation and become fearful during correction and this Fund will elimate such Greed. The Trend seen in the last two years clearly shows that a bit of Active approach is essential even in Mutual Fund investments and this Fund addresses this need.

1)The Trigger Mechanism will automatically ensure Rebalancing.
2)With Triggers, Returns are locked at regular returns and Value is preserved in the event of a Subsequent fall.
3)The fund intends to invest in Large Caps which is a comforting factor.
4)The Fund is being launched after the Stock Market have seen a Big Correction and is Attractively Valued, thus the probability of the Fund achieving its 'Targets' is rather high.

1) The biggest negative of the Fund is that due the Mandate, the Fund Manager is forced to Sell out Stocks as soon the the Stated Target is achieved and may well miss Higher Returns if held.
2) There is no Guarantee that the Fund will meet its 'Trigger Target' if the Markets were to stay Range Bound to Negative.
3) In the Event of a Bull Run similar to 2 years back, than there is a risk of losing the Benefits of compounding Returns.

The Fund should do well and one can invest going by the Fact that the Fund will be investing in Large Caps and the Markets too look attractive over the Next two years at least. The Fund may not give Huge Gains but does promise to protect your gains in the event of a market crash.
Invest with the Option of 20% Trigger Target and Switch to ICICI Liquid Plan - dividend Reinvestment Option.

One can consider investing in this Fund

Best of luck,

Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

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