Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Focusses on Quality Stocks

Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

One can consider investing in Shinsei Industry Leaders Fund.

Shinsei Mutual Fund promoted by Shinsei Bank, Japan and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala have come out with their First Equity NFO with the name of Shinsei Industry Leaders Fund.

The Fund aims to invest in "Leaders" who not only have Largest Market Share but also includes companies who have Highest Growth in sales and Highest Profitabliity. While AMFi has classifed companies into 43 sectors, the Fund aims to identify about 3-5 companies in each sector and further filter them and ultimately aim to have a portfolio of 25-35 stocks.
The Fund aims to have 60-70% in large cap and about 30-40% in Mid cap.

David Pezarkar is the Fund Manager of this Scheme. He had earlier managed SBI Magnum Tax Gain 93 and had also worked with UTI Mutual Fund, Way2Wealth Brokers, and Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance as a Equity Head.


Though a New Fund from a New AMC, the persons behind the AMC like Mr.Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Shinsei Bank do inspire confidence. Also, note that the Fund's investment philosophy is a no-brainer and should form a part of all Risk Averse Investors.
Investors can hope to get a Portfolio comprising of Leading Companies giving Good Market Relative Returns. The portfolio of the scheme has the potential to offer steady relative returns to investors across various market conditions because of its focus on Quality Stocks.
Industry Leaders does not necessarily mean Large Cap Companies.
The Backtesting of the Model that Shinsei proposes to use has shown that the Fund has given an Alpha Return of 10% above its Benchmark of BSE-100 with a Sharpe Ratio of the Fund is 2.06%
the Fund will NOT invest in Small Caps and Micro Caps

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