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Mr.A Tripathi from Lucknow wrote :
Dear Sir,

I am an unsecured job profile 39 years old man with 2 sons. one is 14 years and second is 8 year old. Now days conditions permit me about sip investment Rs.5000/- per month for 3 years. please give me fund names with monthly investment amounts.
I do not mind being Aggressive Equity Funds.


A Tripathi , Lucknow.

Dear Mr.Tripathi,
For your job profile, a Full Fledged Aggressive Equity Oriented Portfolio will not do. Aggressive Funds are very volatile and risky in nature. With an unsecured job, you may not only be in a position of not being able to fulfill your sip commitments but also need to withdraw your investments at a short notice. Such being the circumstances, Aggressive Funds are ruled out.
You need to strike a balance between safety, liquidity and returns. Hence, you are better off having some debt exposure to provide stability to overall portfolio. Balanced Funds would be the apt choice for you.
Before going for these investments, insure yourself adequately with Term Insurance. Then you need to protect your family from financial insecurity due to sudden illness and thus a Health Insurance becomes inevitable. I hope you also have provided adequately for the Education Expenses of your two sons. You need to consider all these things and only thereafter go for the Mutual Funds Investments.
Preferably go for Large Cap Funds and Balanced Funds.
You can consider investing in the following way.
Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund = 1000 *1 per month
Fidelity Equity Fund = 500 * 1 per month
HDFC Prudence Fund = 500 * 2 sips per month
HDFC Top 200 fund = 500 * 1 sip per month
Religare Business Leaders Fund = 500 * 1 per month
Reliance Regular Saving Fund(Balanced) = 500 * 2 sip per month
Sundaram Select Focus Fund = 500 * 1 sip per month

In Reliance Regular Savings Fund, you are advised to go for 2 sips in 2 different dates.
The Above Funds will ensure that you have sufficient exposure to Large Caps, Diversified Funds and Balanced Funds. I have avoided Debt funds, since you seem to be aggressive. Balanced funds will lend enough stability to your overall portfolio.

In the above list, you go for Birla Sunlife Frontline Equity Fund, invest under Century SIP to take advantage of Free Life Insurace which is an added benefit, especially since you seem to be underinsured.

Best of luck,
Srikanth Matrubai

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