Saturday, April 10, 2010


My First Follower Mr.Akhil sharma from Delhi wrote :
Hello Sir
I hope this mail finds you and your loved ones in the pink of health.
I have as promised earlier two ongoing SIPs in Fidelity Equity Fund and Sundaram Select Focus Fund.(Rs.500 each)

I am planning to start one more SIP for the amount of Rs.1000 per month.
I'm not so sure about the funds though.

I have in mind HDFC TOP 200 Fund and DSP Top 100 Fund.

Please advise where should i put my money.Suggest any other fund apart from these two if necessary.

P.S : I'm planning to invest for a long term.


Dear Akhil sharma,
Thank you for your kind words. I heartily reciprocate your feelings and hope the same there.
Do continue your Ongoing Sips in Fidelity Equity Fund and Sundaram Select Focus Fund.
I am very happy about you starting another sip of 1000pm.
Both the Funds you have selected i.e., HDFC Top 200 Fund and DSPBR Top 100 Fund are very good. You can choose any of them. Both these funds are a 'must have' in any portfolio.
Whereas your two existing Funds are both Diversified Funds with No Sector or Cap bais, it is prudent to have a Large Cap Fund and you are on the Right Track.
My Personal Choice among the two would be HDFC Top 200 Fund. The Fund is not very sexy in terms of its Presentation, but it does its job quitely and has been very very consistent since its inception and boasts of a Great Track Record.

Do evaluate your portfolio every 6 months or so and take appropriate action.

Read this

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These two articles will help you in your decision making.

Srikanth Matrubai,

If you are going for HDFC Top 200 fund, go for a Rs.500 sip on two Different Dates to take advantage of NAV Volatility and in the process earn more.

Also visit

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  1. I really appreciate you for giving a great information to investors. Hoping you will be there with more updates for investors.


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