Saturday, March 14, 2015


People tend to procastinate and delay their investment.
1 maine main kya fark padega (What difference will it make if I delay by one month).
But look at the table,
SIP + Delay cost calculator
At a particular given fixed point of time in future … eg. Say at your age 55 years

Step 1 Monthly Investment …

Step 2 Investment Horizon in years

Step 3 Expectate rate of returns p.a.
15.00% End Value (payment at beginning of the month)

Step 4 Delay in starting SIP from today

Enter in Months …

Your End Investment Value, if you had started MF SIP today …


Your End Investment Value, if you delay you delay your investments…


The cost of delay is … 1,64,595

If you delay your investment by 1 month/s, you stand to loose Rs. 164595/-

in the end value of your investment …

Another Perspective …

If you do delay your investment, then …

You would loose Rs. 38,350 in todays worth of money !!

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