Friday, July 24, 2015

Anniversary of the GREATEST BUDGET

Finance Minister rose to present the Budget and said
"Insaan Woh Nahi Jo Hawa Ka Saath Badle,
Insaan Woh Hai Jo Hawa Ka Rukh Badalde"
This was the day in 1991 when India's greatest ever PM( not counting Modi) inspired the nation and its young generation with a grand budget.

1991:On this day, Dr Manmohan Singh presented a Budget which changed India.

A more apt way to remember this day-This was the day in 1991 when India's greatest ever PM- PVNR, the great-  inspired the nation and  its young generation with a grand budget, that changed the nation forever. That showed what one individual can do to change a giant, slow moving Nation. I shudder to think, what would have happened to our Nation but for this great man. A truly god send and was answer to nation's prayers.  Remember, we used to purchase Chetak scooters in Black market, the land line connection  at home was never possible without knowing a politician,   the new gas cylinder connection was possible only after waiting for 8-10 years, one could purchase a Sony TV only from smugglers. Oh, what a change. A true legend-PVNR, the great. No hesitation in saying that he was our best PM till Modi arrived.

Yes.Truly A Game Changing Period in The History of Indian Economy.🙏🙏🙏

 It was Similar to What Sourav Ganguly did for Indian Cricket,after it was really in a Mess.

He might not have achieved what MS Dhoni has in terms of Trophies.
But,he really Showed the Right Direction for Indian Cricket to go Forward with his Bold & Aggressive Leadership Skills.

The actual beneficiary from this was MS Dhoni.Who had a Experienced Team with him to Ride on the Success.
That is what a True Leader should pass on to his Successors like what Ganguly did for Indian Cricket &  PV Narasimha Rao for Indian Economy.

We should Wait & Watch,Whether Mr.Modi will do the Same as Dhoni.

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