Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Focus on Boosting your Income not just cutting expenses

Common man will remain common but also discontented only because he keeps on cribbing about rising prices.
Last month it was Onion which ruled his mind.
Since then it has come down from 100 to 30.
Likewise he used to pay in the high 70s for the petrol which has come down to below 65 levels.
And now it is the Tur Dal which is ruling his mind.
Next month, it will be the Diwali Crackers!!!!

Its in his veins to always keep finding fault and keep finding issues to crib about.

 Focus on Increasing Income too not just cutting your Expenses

I always keep telling my investors that
"there is a limit to how much you can save on expenses....
But there is NO LIMIT to how much you can EARN!

Yes, one has that feeling that Expenses is in OUR HANDS but income depends on variety of factors. Is it really? Yes, if you are salaried person, definitely income is the hands of your employer. But, still, you can do something extra to earn more isn’t it (like Working overtime, teaching, writing, you can put your whatever additional skill to earn that little extra which can take your income to higher pedestal...............who knows.........this could well become your MAIN income too).

Yes, Increasing Income takes time.......but once you are on the path, mark my words, you will be closer to your goal than you would have ever imagined.
If you triple your income 3 days in a row but keep your expenses the same, you can shorten the accumulation period to just 1 year because you'll earn 27 times your current income!
Just tripling your income for 3 days in a row means you are earning 27 times your currne tincome
And, the BIGGEST way to increase your income is to Stop putting that hard earned savings into Traditional instruments and look at Diversified Equity Funds.
What better way to earn Higher Income??!!!

Concentrate your energies and focus your expertise on Earnings.
That does not mean, be a spendthrift. Controlling expenses is the 1st step to getting your finances right. If you don’t know how to control your expense, you won’t be able to save.
Please note that I have used the word “Control” not “Cutting”.
Then, only then, you will become a Contented Man even while being a Common Man"!
Learn to Earn
Earn to Learn.
Keep on adding skills to your Portfolio.
Then you will keep on earning. 

"Be an eagle who soars above the clouds so the rain clouds don't deter him."

 Srikanth Matrubai

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