Friday, December 9, 2016


Dear Investor,
I have been historically against Gold as an Investment.
I have always advocated Gold purely and only for Consumption but sometimes, rarely, when market forces come into play, I have given Buy calls too...
(Remember, last time, I had given a Gold Buy call when it was hovering around 18000 levels and a SELL Call when it was around 33000 levels).                      
Image result for axis gold fund
while timing is always difficult even for a Genius.....but sometimes,you need to Buy/Sell Gold as a Tactical option.
The recent hardening of prices in Commodities and the production Cut in Oil by OPEC is a pretty strong indicator that the Gold has seen its bad days.
Yes, the Demonitisation effect will be there for some time and Gold prices will be depressed but its more or less a Given that Gold should see strong support around Rs.25000-Rs.26000 levels and is ideal for a good rally in about 2-3 years time                      

Hence, if you are accumulating Gold for some specific purposes like Child Marriage, do continue.
If you do not Gold in your portfolio, its time that you start looking at Gold seriously and accumulate around these levels and at declines.                      

But, don't be in a hurry....Gold will not run away....It will be a very very slow and steady climb....
in fact, it may even be weak for a Couple of quarter....maybe till March 2017 but it has VERY STRONG support around these levels and you can add Gold to your Portfolio                      
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And, as indicated by me so many times earlier should look at buying Gold through
Gold ETFs
Soveriegn Gold Bond Scheme...
even a SIP in Gold Saving Scheme from Mutual Fund                      
Gold: Gaining Ground as  Prudent Investment•   Preserver of Value & Buying Power•   Hedge Against Inflation & Economic Dow...
All Gold funds invest in Gold..
They buy Gold
They sell Gold
so, there is no scope for difference in performance
but still there is huge difference in performance
Example :
Invesco Gold Fund has given 19.1% return in 1 year
IDBI Gold Fund has given only 7.8% return in 1 year                      

Whereas...if I look at 3 year chart..
the same Invesco Gold fund has given a Negative return of -3.7%
Whereas the same IDBI Gold has NOT given Negative return but stayed at same level.....                      

This difference comes due to
1. Expense ratio
2. Tracking error
So, we have to look at funds which have
a) Less Expense Ratio
b) Less tracking error

Hence, I would prefer you to look at investing
INVESCO GOLD FUND                      

Of cousre, as I said..the fund selection does not exactly matter...
Over a period of time, they all tend to give same return

Request to also read these articles which will give you more insight

But, let me clarify, for WEALTH CREATION, there is no asset class that beats EQUITY.
Equity should garner maximum of your Asset Allocation

Also request you to take your Advisors suggestion before doing any investment.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016


BLACKY is by the way person with huge Black Money.
WHITEY is the person with ONLY White Money (like Me!)

Let me admit, the Heading was only to ATTRACT you to get you to come to this page and read the article!!

But, I promise that once You read the article, you will like it. 


So, here goes......

But, before that. let me clarify...

This article is NOT intended to give you IDEAS on how to covert Black Money into White Money but only showing the way that people are using various methods to do so.

Loopholes are many and I only hope that the Authorities wake up to these loopholes and get the same addressed.

This article is intended to bring to the notice of IT officials and the Govt how various methods are being used by people post Demonitisation. 

If you are a BLACKY, You are strongly requested to contact your Chartered Accountant, Declare the Concealed Income and pay the tax. 

Indians are genius when it comes to creating Black Money. 
The Dramatic Demonitisation announcement by Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji pulled the Carpet from all these kinds of people. 
But, the Juggad people have found ingenious ways to STILL convert and this is what they are doing. 

Blackies book Train, Airplane Tickets by using Old Notes. 
And, on a future date, they simply CANCEL the Tickets. 
They get back their Money after a meagre CANCELLATION charges. 

Some ingenious people have come together to form NGOs. 
These people are giving their relatives/friends their BLACK MONEY and asking to DONATE the same to the NGO. 
NGO may get INCOME TAX EXEMPTION and their money is converted from BLACK TO WHITE!!

Some people are giving FALSE BUSINESS to loss making companies and these companies in turn, show NO PROFIT NO LOSS type of Income, convert black to white!

Blackies (thats what I call them) also find people with Low Cash in their Bank Account,...(these are typically Maids, Clerks, Coolies) and deposit Cash into "their" account and later take back the amount giving a small portion to these people. 
Both parties "Kush" and BLACK IS CONVERTED INTO WHITE!!

Some Co-operative Banks are doing this...(though they seem to have stopped now)....
Blackies give OLD notes to these Banks (with a CUT to the Bank Directors), get Back Dated FDs and then get back WHITE money after this FD is matured. 

Many rich people are "donating" huge sums of Money to Temple. 
The Temple Trustees will show this money as HUNDI collections (or Anonymous) and exchange it for NEW notes. 
Later, they return it to the DONOR in a different format, of course, after taking a Cut/Service Charge. 
The Government has already clarified that the Cash from HUNDIS will not come under TAX SCANNER. 

Blackies simply catch hold of Farmers and these "Farmers" declare that he got the money by selling the produce in Mandi before Demonitisation and exchanges with the Bank. 
And, our Blacky is converted into Whitey!

Since the Utilites like Power, Water are accepting Old notes...Blackies are paying not only this months bill but some Genius Blackies are paying upto 1 year of Utility Bill IN ADVANCE. 
Thus the Blacky becomes Whitey
Same goes with Municipal Taxes (in Bangalore, BBMP taxes are accepted with Old notes....some Blackies are paying even Next year's taxes)!!!!!!!

Some Blackies are not even leaving the Petrol Pumps!
They are not only tanking their Cars FULL but also their Friends/Neighbours Cars and also storing Petrol/Engine Oil in Bulk by paying OLD NOTES and thus getting converted the Blacky into Whitey!!

Blackies have suddenly become the BEST employees to work with.
They are paying ADVANCE SALARIES to their employees WITHOUT INTEREST.
Some of them are even being paid 6 months salaries in Advance.
Wah! Kya Dayavaan Hai yeh BLACKY!

You may "manage" to get some portion of your BLACKY converted into WHITEY but YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.
If not today, tomorrrow.
If not tomorrow, sometime definitely in future. 


What more can be more satisfying than a Blissful Sleep. 

Just go back and check whether you were sleeping Blissfully, with Tension or Had No sleep on the night of 8th November and you will get the answer!

Best of luck, 
Srikanth Matrubai

The Demonitisation is the BEST thing to have happened to India post Independence. 
The short term pain will be definitely be there but the benefits in the Medium Term to Long Term will be huge.
It could expand the GDP by 1% minimum. 
Good time to increase your SIP allocation. 

Do consult your Financial Advisor

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Image result

Buying a car v/s uber
Any car  in india cost atleast Rs 6,00,000
Scrap value after six year  -    Rs 1,00,000
Net amount goes in effective
Life of six year                          Rs  5,00,000
Nos of days of six yr is 2200 days

So Rs. 5,00,000/2200        = Rs.   230 /day
Yearly insu Rs 15000        = Rs       41/day
Daily petrol      minimum   = Rs    100/Day
After every 3 yr tyre &
Battery change charge
Rs 25,000  i.e.                      = Rs. 23/day
Yearly maintanance of
Car Rs 9000 i.e                    = Rs  25/day
If driver employed ( bcas)
Uber comes with a driver   =Rs 300/day
Plus interest loss on
Car buying amount
@8% on Rs 6,00,000           = Rs 131/day
So total daily exp is
After buying new car         = Rs 850/day
So friends untill you pay Rs 850 daily to hire a cab you are effectively in gain travelling in uber. If u agree share for the benefits of all.
This is called financial planning.........

As you scale up Financially, you start adding latest gizmos too..The latest i- 
phone, the latest laptop and obviously the next on your radar would be the  
BRAND NEW CAR (sometimes, even a High End Second Hand Car)  

Having your own Car obviously shows to the World that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!!  

But, have you truly??? 

 Is it worth buying a Car just to show off?  

Is it financially prudent decision??  

Just like buying a Smartphone brings with it loads of accompanying recurring  
expenses like Data Plan, App Service Fees, etc and thus force you to do  
research before buying one....  

Same goes towards buying a Car too...  

Buying a Car brings with it loads of recurring expenses like Regular Servicing,  
Annual Insurance, Parking, the Regular repairs and not to forget Depreciation  


True, there are hordes of Ads all over the place luring you...  

Low Rates, Longer Warranties, Higher Mileage, Promised Buyback, etc.  


So, before heading off to purchase your New Car consider the following:  

1. Do you have any load to clear off ? (Education, etc) 
2. Do you have a Secure Job? 

3. Do you have a BIG expense coming up (your marriage, perhaps?) 

4. How many times you will be taking out the Car.... (Are you buying the car to 
show off or do you really NEED it)  


And, last but not the least......  

Do not forget this is the era of Door Services and hence just a click of a button,  
you have a chauffeur driver Cab (Uber/Ola) on your doorsteps to serve you at  
very nominal rates.  



For your information, a recent article in revealed that  
there was a almost 30% drop in the number of cars purchased by people aged  
18 to 34 in the US!  

Remember, CAR is ultimately a Tool to travel and not an Aspiration, especially  
for those who have just started earning.  

First earn your Millions and then think of a Personal Car.  

I personally do not own one. Many of my Advisor friends are shocked and ask  
me “What will your clients think about you”  
I reply “My client comes to me for my Knowledge not to look at my Means of  


And, moreover for me, REAL VACATION is not driving for many hours, hundreds  
of miles in my car with full of stress.....I would rather relax and enjoy the  
Shatbadi Train Journey or the good old Volvo A/c Bus without having to worry about navigating the Traffic!!!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My thoughts

Please do read my interview published in NextLevel Ambition and give your valuable feedback

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sensex is down 5% but your MF may not be so...How?? Find out

Dear Investor,

Sensex has touched all time high of 29,045 on 8th September 2016 closing, as far as this year is concerned. From that level till yesterday it falls 1,516 points which is -5.22%.

In the same time, BSE Midcap falls only -1.24%, whereas BSE Small cap delivered 2.27% higher.

This will be hardly noticed by the common investor, some of our IFA community as well.

Markets are always dynamic and if somebody keep looking at the number, they will be in a better position to understand what is moving and what is not, which is very important when it comes to fund selection.

I have listed down 50 funds across the category which is normally advised by many of my IFA friends.

Reliance Small cap
DSPBR Microcap
L&T Emerging Business
MOSL Focused Long Term
L&T Midcap
Sundaram SMILE
Mirae Emerging Bluechip
Kotak Midcap
BSL Pure Value Fund
DSPBR Small & Midcap
BSL Equity
Invesco Mid N Small
L&T India Value
Sundaram Select Midcap
Franklin Smaller Co
Mosl Midcap 30
UTI Midcap
Principal Emerging
IDFC Sterling
SBI Magnum Balanced
Mosl Multicap 35
Franklin Prima
DSPBR Balanced
HDFC Midcap Opp
IDFC Premier
L&T India Prudence
BSL Balanced 95
HDFC Prudence
ICICI Pru Balanced
Tata Balanced
IPru Balanced Adv
ICICI Pru Multicap
DSPBR Equity
Reliance Reg Savings Bal
IDFC Classic
IDBI Diversified
SBI Bluechip
Franklin Balanced
Mirae India Opp
HDFC Equity
DSPBR Focus 25
Franklin Prima Plus
UTI Opportunities
HDFC Top 200
DSPBR Top 100
BSL Frontline
IPru Value Discovery
Franklin Bluechip
IPru Focused Bluechip
IPru Select Largecap

Some Interesting Observation

1. Small cap and Microcap fund has delivered more return than small cap index, though mentioned funds are not exactly belonging to this index.
2. Midcap index is down by -1.24%, whereas many midcap funds delivered positive return.
3. Sensex falls -5.22%, all the large cap fund falls lesser than the index.
4. Balanced fund delivered FLAT to -1.5%, which is very good as far as, those who seek monthly cash flows are concerned.
5. Multi cap protected downside as well as delivered good returns. Somebody wants stable return.
6. ICICI Pru Value discovery is lagging compared to BSL Pure Value and L&T India Value Fund. BSL and L&T is continuously getting momentum in that category! One of the reason could be size, it is always debatable.
7. When am writing around 9.30 am today, the market is already 200 points up. As long as your waiting period is 3 plus years, don't bargain for minimal correction, sometime you were forced to buy at high level or you will never buy also!
8. Still small cap are trading at discount to the 2008 peak and everyone is worried about the valuation. More than the cap, stock selection is the key. Many fund houses have increased their research analyst head count in the recent past.
9. Rise and falls are very quick in the bull market, instead of looking for news, micro and macro data, numbers at various point will give you better clarity I believe. This data will help you to do lot of strategy going forward.
10. Last, but not the least "No fund manager is keeping the same stock for longer years in their portfolio due to volatility of the stock performance. In some cases, if it grows bigger than they expected they have to reduce their weight to comply regulation. In some cases, they have to match their performance with the peer group. These kind of data really helps to take better informed decision than ever before.

I thank Mr.
B. Padmanaban, CFPCM 
of  for his help in generating the article. 

Srikanth Matrubai,   CEO, SriKavi Wealth 

Mobile: 9972520155