Friday, April 6, 2018

HOW SRIKANTH MATRUBAI rebulit an NRI's trust in Mutual Funds

Cafe Mutual carried an article on one of many success stories





Back in August 2008, Srikanth Matrubai had written a blog on why investors should not worry about the market fall. The blog recommended that investors to top up their SIPs in equity funds. In response, Matrubai got an email from a reader venting his frustration at the market crash.

Vinod (name changed), who wrote the email, was working in Hong Kong at the time. He vowed he would never invest in equity mutual funds again. Matrubai recalls, “We exchanged a lot of emails back then. In one such communication, I requested him to share his portfolio with me. I was shocked to see that he had exposure to several infrastructure funds. He suffered a loss of 35% in absolute terms during the 2008 market crash.”

Matrubai kept up his communication with Vinod through emails for the next two months. “I sent him a few portfolios of my existing clients to make him see the significance of asset allocation and rebalancing the portfolio. I had recommended my clients to shift 

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