Thursday, April 2, 2020


Shanti Kumari was working from home for the past 2 months. This was even before the Coronovirus pandemic hit the World.
Last week, out of blue, she got an email that since her company’s business has slowed down, they did not need her services anymore.
Just last week, her husband, Rohit, who worked as Cashier in a local Darshini told her that his hotel has removed 6 workers and his boss has already that either you take 50% pay cut or look for another job.
This was a SIXER from both ends.

Even though we are healthy, almost everyone has been hit hard by the coronavirus with regard to Finances.
It has spared no one.  This is truly unprecedented.
Almost all types of workers and employees are either working from home or have no work at all as their offices/factories are closed.
Nobody knows for sure when it will be safe to open offices, factories, shops again.
India has come to standstill.
The biggest casualty has been the Workers who get paid in hourly or daily basis.

First thing you should do is
This pandemic has affected not just you but the entire World and hence you are not alone who is suffering this pain. Do not get emotional and take rash decision which could affect your finances in a massive way. Be calm and take action only after considering all scenarios. Preferably consult your Financial Advisor and/or your Well wishers.
The good news is that Govt is trying to help in its own ways.

    2. The next thing you must do is LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.
It is natural to get depressed and be down on energy and lack appetite in these circumstances. Be why focus on things which you cannot control.
The only thing in your control right now is your HEALTH. Focus on what you can control and do that effectively. Avoid alcohol, sugary food, etc.  

3.      3. DO NOT SELL FAMILY SILVERInstead of selling off your prized assets, consider alternatives.
You can take loan on your Investments, You can take loan on your Insurance, even on your PPF.
check all alternatives. Only if its inevitable only then you should consider selling your Blue chip shares or other prized assets.

DELAY payment of bills and loans, wherever possible. There is no shame in delaying payments when you are facing a crises. DO NOT COMPLETELY STOP making the payment. Consider making part payment. Talk to your creditors. Tell them about your situation.
Since they too are aware of this situation, they could consider giving you relief. Make use of that.
Even some landlords are flexible when it comes to collecting rents.
If the situation is truly bad, do not worry about your credit rating and delay the payments.
Most importantly, if the situation turns desperate, do  make use of the RBI MORATORIUM.

5.     5. 
Build an Emergency Fund. Yes…its too late to save for this emergency but its not late to create an Emergency BUDGET based on your reduced level of income. Start with MOST important expenses like Food, Medical costs, etc which are uncompromisable. And gradually scale up. Eliminate all unwanted and non-need expenses without mercy.
But if you do have an Emergency fund as recommended by me innumerable times, it will be NECTOR in these troubled times.


Do remember that due to this LOCKDOWN, many number of expenses have reduced and even eliminated (Going out for food, movies, travel, etc) .
Yes....maybe vegetables prices may have increased but these are mainly due to supply constraints and things will be back to normal once lockdown ends.

You would have not got a list of NEEDS & COMFORTSBe unrelenting and ruthless in removing unwanted expenses.
This the best chance for you to reduce your expenses permanently.
And since you do have lot of time at your disposal, consider reducing some more expenses like saving on Groceries by CLEANING out your Fridge, freezer, pantry, etc . do your clothes ironing yourself, etc

7.      7.
Since you do have lot of time at your disposal, seriously consider learning new ways of earning income.
Improve your skill set so that you can earn more.
Consider learning a new technology or skill.
Do not hesitate to take part time job.

Even in this pandemic there are job opportunities for Delivery Boys, Pharma companies, Grocery stores, etc.
Talk to them and offer your services. You could be lucky and get a decent pay.

9.      9. Connect with friends and loved ones.
This will not only keep in happy shape mentally but also could help in form of finances (in extreme cases). And if push comes to a shove, do not hesitate to take help from them to tide over the crises. There is no SHAME in asking for help from those you trust and believe in.

Do note that like all crises that have hit humanity, even this pandemic will be won over soon. The challenge is to make sure that you do not fall into a FINANCIAL BLACK HOLE.

In a nutshell, 
LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.
Instead of selling off your prized assets, consider alternatives.

There is no shame in delaying payments (rbi emi)
Consider learning a new technology or skill.

Srikanth Matrubai

Srikanth Matrubai Author of the Amazon Best Seller DON'T RETIRE RICH
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  1. Advise at this time of distress a very valuable information each column may help different individual in distress
    You have covered all aspects of human psychology

  2. Thank you very much for this amazing page and all the info you have shared! It has been totally useful for us and cleared a lot of doubts.


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