Monday, September 28, 2020


The Love affair with Sports continues !

THE EQUITY Markets after a 2000 points fall bounced back 1000 plus point within couple of days. 

The Equity Markets doesn't want to give up after a dismal last week..

It has bounced back in the last 2 days like Rahul Tewatia did at the end of his innings for Rajasthan Royals (RR)  against KXIP (Kings XI Punjab) in the IPL game yesterday.
Chasing the target of 224,He walked in at 100/2 in the 9th Over,  He had a shaky start 8*(19)to his innings,  He was eating away too many balls & struggling to make contact with the ball..

The commentators & fans watching the game were criticizing him for letting his team down & wanted him to get out asap & He was putting too much of pressure on Samson who was going  very well from the other end..  The required run-rate kept increasing all the time..  Soon, Samson got out for 85(43) when RR needed 63 runs to win from 24 balls..

On Twitter, there was a frenzy mocking Tewatia's innings. 
CricViz showed a negative batting impact of Tewatia while most veteran cricketers including Aakash Chopra called for destigmatisation of retired hurt in a bid to tactically allow the struggling batsman to go bat to the pavilion at will allowing another, a better-placed teammate at the crease

Cottrell comes to bowl the 17th Over, Tewatia whacks him for 5 Sixes in that Over..Hits One more Six in the next Over takes RR closes to winning target.  
\Jofra Archer at the other end hits couple of Sixes to get them closer to the target..
Tewatia gets out 53(31), when RR needed 2 runs to win from 7 balls..

But, he had done the job for his team..
Tom Curran hits a Four & RR creates history,It was the Highest Successful chase in IPL..

The Investors who were thinking that there will be a deeper correction in the equity markets after last week's fall & sold their holdings needs to learn the lessons from Rahul Tewatia's innings..


Never get worried about people's reactions (or the Market falls) when you have invested in good STRONG fundamental stocks/funds. 

It is also to be appreciated the Coach's foresight and faith in Tewatia. 
Likewise, you need to understand your MFD's choice of investments may go through pain for a brief period. 
But, history has proved innumerable times that 



T20 Cricket can never be written off. Archer and Tewatia proved exactly why taking the game deep is perfect because a few hits here and there can change the entire course of the game

Hold on to your investments during corrections and the benefits will be visible sooner than later. 
Just make sure you too take your investments deep. 

Srikanth Matrubai

Thanks to liberal inputs from our dear friend HARISH, who is  huge fan of Sports and has equal passion towards Money Making. 

You are strongly encouraged to consult your financial planner before taking any decision regarding this investment. The views expressed here is the authors personal views and should not be intrepresented as a recommendation to invest/avoid.
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