Sunday, January 11, 2009

How is DSML Tiger and Reliance Power Fund?

Mr.Arun Jhakar wrote :
Hi Srikanth,

I have read few of your replies on goodfundadvisor bolgs regarding Mutual Funds and was thinking to get a second opinion about my funds from your side.

I have got following two MF in my portfolio where i am investing Rs 5000 (each of them) per month (SIP) since Nov 2007.

1) DSPML T.I.G.E.R. Fund

2) Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund

As of now the absolute return is -21% and the current situation for DSP Meryll Lynch as well as Power sector is not too good.

What do you suggest -

-- should i continue or stop the SIP and wait.

-- should i invest in some other MF to get better results.

Can you please reply this mail with your opinion or send me the link where i can check your comment.

Thanking in anticipation!!



Dear Arun Jakhar,
Both of your investments are into Sector/Theme Funds, which I strongly advise AGAINST investing, especially if these are going to be the only funds in your portfolio. And the fact that you started your sip in the PEAK of the Bull Run has only compounded your losses.
You need to immediately stop your sips in Both the Funds. You need to invest in Diversified Equity Funds. Sector/Theme Funds do have huge volatility and tend to underperform the markets when the trend goes against their invested Sectors. Diversified Funds on the other hand, as their name suggests invest in a Basket of Stocks across Sectors and thus insulated from any Downturn in any sector. And also, most importantly, note that if the Fund Manager Does find any Sector (Power, Infrastructure, in your case) attractive, he WILL invest in these sectors.
DSPML Tiger Fund has a Better Track Record than most funds in Infrastructure Sector. But still, you would be better off by investing in DSPML Equity Fund or DSPML Top 100 Fund.
Your other investment is in Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund. This fund had a great run. However, the same is very unlikely to be repeated in future. Even an Average Return should be difficult from this fund. This fund has the highest Corpus among all the funds in India right now. Servicing such huge corpus in these bearish times, should be a very very challenging task for the Fund Manager.
You can stop the sip in this fund and can consider investing in Birla sunlife Equity Fund and/or Fidelity Equity Fund. These funds would not only protect you from downside but also have the potential to give you more return than the funds you are currently invested in.
BEst of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

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