Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need your advise

Mr.Sunder requested for advise :
Hello Mr Srikanth,

I am planning to invest Rs 10000/- per month in Mutual Funds and was researching the various options when I came across your blog. Your specific and clear advice in your blog is very helpful and easy to understand.

I am 39 years old and am at present saving about Rs 20000/- per month. I have some insurance policies for about Rs 8 lacs but not much of savings otherwise. I had a housing loan which I prepaid and closed in May this year. Now I need to build up some savings for the long term.I request your advice regarding the correct portfolio for me.

Thank You and Best Regards


Dear Sunder,
It feels great to know that you have already closed your housing loan. And your insurance of 8 lakhs is also enough for now. Maybe you need to take a Term Insurance of about 12 lakhs which will cover you for about 20 lakhs which is quite a substantial amount. This may set you back by just about 500 per month.
That leaves about 19500 per month of savings of which you can channelise 9500 through Mutual Funds for maximum returns.
Since you are only 39 and also not having any BIG expenses in the near foreseeable future, you are ideally placed to earn Good Returns through investment in mutual funds through Sips. I have prepared a shortlist of funds for you investment. Do consider investing in them.
1. Birla Sunlife Equity Fund 1000 * 1 sips per month (1000)
2. DSPML World Gold Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
3. DWS Tax Saving Fund 500 * 1 (500) (Here you will get the added Bonus of Free Life Insurance cover of 5 times your Investment)
4. Fidelity Equity Fund 500 * 1 (500)
5. Franklin Templeton India Equity Income Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
6. HDFC Prudence Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
7. HDFC Top 200 Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
8. HSBC Equity Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
9. JM Contra Fund 1000 * 1 (1000)
10. Reliance Growth Fund 250 * 2 (500)
11. Reliance Natural Resources Fund 250 * 2 (500)
12. Sundaram Select Focus Fund 250 * 2 (500)

These funds are carefully selected after a through analysis and should help you build up a Substianal Savings Kitty in about 10 years time.
Do review your investment every year.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

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