Tuesday, March 24, 2009


From: Akhil Sharma

Hi Sir,
Hope you are doing really well and your Family and loved ones are in the Pink of Health.
I've finally thought of starting a new SIP in Fidelity Equity Fund.

As of now i'm invested in the following funds:
Sundaram Capex Opportunities - Rs.5500 ( Latest Value :Rs. 3156 )

Reliance RSF Equity - Rs.5000 ( Latest Value :Rs. 2753 )

Reliance Diversified Power - Rs.5000 ( Latest Value :Rs. 2434 )

Kotak Indo World(Closed Ended)- Rs.5000 ( Latest Value :Rs. 1982 )

ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund -Rs.5000 ( Latest Value :Rs. 2407 )

This is as per My Portfolio On MoneyControl Website.

My question is should i redeem from all of these Funds and invest at a single place or should i stay Invested in them and wait for recoveries.

The thing i'm thinking here is even these funds will have to come to that NAV on which i invested(which have actually fallen by 50%) to give me a NO Profit- No Loss situation.Then my Funds will start giving me returns.That may take a lot of time.Although i have long term horizon of minimum 3-4 years but still should i redeem from these funds and invest the whole lumpsum amount(whatever i finally get!) in a good fund like DSP BR TOP 100 Fund.

NOTE: It has been 14 months approximately that i have invested in these funds.

Dear Akhil,

Well Akhil, better late than never. It is indeed good news that you have thought of starting a SIP in Fidelity Equity fund. This Fund has been a favourite since its launch and it has not disppointed me.
I am surprised by your existing investment. Inspite of being in touch with me, I wonder why you have had so much exposure to One Sector (Infra)???. In fact, expect for Reliance RSF Equity, all your other investments is in those Funds which are directly investing in Infrastructure related stocks. You need to diversify and diversify soon. Thankfully, all your investments have around 5000 and not more.
I will analyse each of them one by one :
Sundaram Capex Opportunities Fund : Even at loss, prefer switching to better performing Sundaram Select Focus Fund.

Reliance RSF Equity : Continue for now

Reliance Diversified Power : Again a Sector Fund. Consider Switching to Reliance Growth Fund

Kotak Indo World : Being Close ended, no option but to continue your investment. Take a call when the Fund becomes Open Ended.

ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund : Among the Better Performing Infrastructure Funds. I would have had no hestitation in suggesting you to switch to ICICI Dynamic Fund, but for your Age profile (24) and Risk Profile, I suggest you to Continue your holding in the same for the time being.

No need to take hasty decision like Selling all the Funds at one go and investing the whole proceeds into other funds (your choice DSPBR Top 100 fund, by the way, is good), would not be such a Bright Idea.
Instead, consider the above switches and wait for better times. In future, invest only in Well Diversified Equity Funds and preferably invest through SIPS.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

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