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Retirement Planning and Son's education

Neha Agarwal wrote :
Dear Sir,
I Just came across your blog and read few suggestions and i really want to say thank you for all your valuable advise to the investors.
I am 32 years old and I have invested in mutual fund by starting from Rs. 500/- from one fund in 2005 and increased year by year. All the funds are having growth option. My investment horizon is +15 years.
I am having 3 year old son and I am investing for retirement and son’s education.
I am the only earning member of my family having 5 members including me.
I am having a housing loan of Rs. 12 lakhs outstanding as on today. I am repaying the principal of housing loan as an when possible.
Please analyse my portfolio and give me the feedback on the funds which I am having and suggest me if I am able to meet my goal.
I am having Life Insurance of Rs. 14, 00,000/-.
I am having following SIP.
The bold ones are the core portfolio as per my views.
Reliance Equity saving – Rs.500/- from 2008
Reliance Growth – Rs.1500/- from 2008 and Rs 500/- from 2006 to 2008
Reliance Vision – Rs.1000/- from 2008 and Rs.500/- from 2006 to 2008
Reliance Diversified Power – Rs.500/- from 2007
Sundaram Select Midcap – Rs.1000/- from 2008 and Rs 500/- from 2006 to 2008
Sundaram India Leadership – Rs.500/- from 2006
Sundaram Select Focus – Rs.1000/- from 2008
Sundaram Capex – Rs.1000/- from 2008 and Rs 500/- from 2006 to 2008
SBI Contra – Rs.500/- from 2005

DSPML tax saver – Rs.1000/- from 2008 and will discontinue as I don’t require any ELSS.
DSPML top 100 – Rs.1000/- from 2008
Kotak Tax Saver – Rs.500/- from 2007 to 2008
HDFC top 200 – Rs. 1000/- from 2008
ICICI Infrastructure Rs. 1000/- from 2007.

I had also invested in following NFO

Reliance Long Term Advantage – Rs. 5000/-
Reliance Natural Resources – Rs. 5000/-
DSPML Mid and Small Cap – Rs. 5000/-
Sundaram Select thematic Energy – Rs. 5000/-
Sundaram Equity – Rs. 5000/-
Sundaram Small Cap – Rs. 5000/-
J M Contra – Rs. 5000/-
Birla Long Term Advantage Fund – Rs. 5000/-
HDFC Midcap – Rs. 5000/-
SBI Tax saver series I – Rs. 15000/-
SBI Blue Chip – Rs. 5000/-
UTI Contra – Rs. 5000/-
UTI Infrastructure Series I – Rs. 5000/-
My question is am i too much betting on Sundaram BNP Paribas</span>?The core portfolio which i indiacted in Bold is it correct ?
I am planning to shift my equity MF investment to balance fund at the age of 45. if this is correct ?
Amit & Neha


Dear Amit and Neha,

First of all, I thank you for your kind words on my blog.
It is good to see that your faith in Mutual Funds has not diminished even after the mauling the Stock Markets has received in 2008.
Before analysing and commenting on your portfolio, I take pleasure in appreciating on your foresight for creating a Buffer for your Retirement and Son's education.

Shockingly, you have got 27 funds in your portfolio. You seem to have become a "collector" of funds. Your portfolio needs a complete overhaul. Some funds are outright sell, even at a loss.
I will go through each fund one by one.
1. Reliance Equity Saving (Sip 500 from 2008) :
Probably you mean to say Reliance Regular Savings Fund (Equity). This fund has had a terrific 2007-08 and since then like other funds, has taken a big beating. This fund focusses on Mid-caps and Samll Caps. I advise you to STOP your SIP in this fund immediately. You may take a view after 6 months or so if the fund maintains its performance even in Bearish phase.

2. Reliance Growth :
This fund has been a Star Performer since inception. Though it faltered in 2008, looking at its portfolio, I continue to maintain a positive view on the Fund. CONTINUE.

3. Reliance Vision :
This Fund has been living on Past Glory. STOP YOUR SIP.

4. Reliance Diversified Power :
I am never in favour of Theme/Sector Funds. STOP YOUR SIP.

5. Sundaram Select Midcap :
A Great Performer which has gone off-track of late. AVOID. STOP YOUR SIP.

6. Sundaram India Leadership :

7. Sundaram Select Focus Fund :
A Truly Quality Performer and Must Have in everyone's portfolio. CONTINUE.

8. Sundaram Capex Fund :
Could struggle going forward. Best to Avoid and STOP YOUR SIP.

9. SBI Contra :
Not a Contra Fund in True Sense. More of a Diversified Fund with a Large Cap Bias. CONTINUE YOUR SIP.

As you do not require any ELSS, it is good that you are discontinuing.

11. DSPBR TOP 100 :
Excellent Performer in Both Bull and Bear Markets. CONTINUE.

Has been an average performer. Switch to K30 fund on completion of Lock-in period.

13. HDFC TOP 200 Fund :
One of my favourites. Has been a very very consistent performer. CONTINUE YOUR SIP AND ADD MORE IF POSSIBLE.

One of the best Infra Funds. But does not deserve to be a part of Core Holdings, especially since you are the sole earner. STOP YOUR SIP and switch to other funds suggested below. Under the Same Fund House, you can switch to ICICI Growth fund.


Reliance Long Term Advantage – Rs. 5000/- (After Lock-in Period is over, switch to Reliance Growth)
Reliance Natural Resources – Rs. 5000/- (Retain your holdings. The fund should start delivering as it still holds significant cash and has invested in Quality Stocks)
DSPML Mid and Small Cap – Rs. 5000/- (Even at a loss switch to DSPBR Top 100 Fund)
Sundaram Select thematic Energy – Rs. 5000/- (Take a decision when the Lock-in Period ends.. which is still 2 years away)
Sundaram Equity – Rs. 5000/- (Continue to hold as the Fund has performed better than its Benchmark and has good holdings in Large Cap Blue Chips)
Sundaram Small Cap – Rs. 5000/- (Holds nearly 93% in Small and Mid Caps which do not promise a bright future. Better to switch even at a loss to SUNDARAM SELECT FOCUS).
J M Contra – Rs. 5000/- (Has a taken a huge beating. No Other option but to wait and pray for better times. )
Birla Long Term Advantage Fund – Rs. 5000/- (Close-ended. Take a call when the Fund becomes Open ended).
HDFC Midcap – Rs. 5000/- (Close-ended. Take a call when the Fund becomes Open ended).
SBI Tax saver series I – Rs. 15000/- (Close-ended. No other option to stay invested)
SBI Blue Chip – Rs. 5000/- (Even though invests in Blue Chip, has not had a great run. But its holdings do inspire some confidence. Continue to hold and take a call after a year)
UTI Contra – Rs. 5000/- (Even at a loss switch to UTI Dividend Yield Fund)

UTI Infrastructure Series I – Rs. 5000/-(Even at a loss switch to UTI Dividend Yield Fund)

Out of your existing ongoing SIP of Rs.11500, I have suggested you to stop Rs.5000 and Rs.1000 will be stopped from DSPBR Tax Saver.

For this 6000, I suggest you to invest in the following funds
HDFC PRUDENCE FUND (1000 * 2 sips at different dates)
FIDELITY EQUITY FUND (500 * 4 sips at different dates)
BIRLA SUNLIFE EQUITY FUND (1000 * 2 sips at different dates)

so, ultimately your CORE portfolio will look like this....


If you observe, I have added a Balanced Fund HDFC Prudence Fund to your Core portfolio and your portfolio now looks tilted towards Large Caps, which is how it should be.

Continue to retain your existing holdings in the Funds where I have suggested to STOP YOUR SIP. Do try to reduce/sell out when the situation improves and shift to Quality Funds as suggested.

Your Life Insurance Coverage of 14Lakhs looks inadequate to me, especially when seen in the backdrop of you being the only earning member in a Family of 5.

Try to get a Term Insurance, as this is the Cheapest Form of Insurance.

Also while investing in Reliance Growth and Birla Funds, there is Free Life Insurance available, get the details about the same from your Mutual Fund Advisor and invest through them, which will also increase your Life cover.

Rebalance your portfolio periodically, ideally, every two years. Make a gradual shift from Equity Heavy to Balanced and then to Debt Heavy, without compromising on returns/risks.

Do consult your Financial Advisor before taking action on my suggestions.
Best of luck,
Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

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