Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seek your suggestion

Hi srikant,

Lalitesh here (hope u still remember me ) ...First of all let me wish Belated Merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance !!!!

I understand that you would be too loaded with work ..but still I seek your kind help (suggestion) regarding the investment I had discussed with you and Aslanshu, because I have registered for the funds and its almost started working.

You might remember the mail I have sent you for the investment
regarding the home down payment which i need after 3 yrs and the fund i need is around 10L (atleast), and as per your valuable suggestion i have enrolled for the below funds :

Port1 (24k)
Name Date1 Date2 Date3
HDFC T200 N/A N/A 1,000
Sundaram Sel Foc N/A N/A 1,000
DSPMLT100 N/A N/A 1,000
UTI Spread LTP(G)2,000 1000 1000
HSBC MIP -RP(G) 2,000 2000 2000
DSPML Balanced 2,000 1000 2000
Kotal Floater LTP(G)2,000 1000 2000
Investment Amount
:: 24,000/months

Time Horizon
:: 3 yrs

As of now i have selected to invest for next 1 yrs only.

:: to acheive >10L corpus by next 3 yr.

I had submitted the form of UTI Mahila fund also for 7k/month but as per my agent, it was rejected becuase only females can only invest in this fund. so will be choosing some other fund soon and register for the same . Final plan is to have 31k/month plan.

Could you please suggest me if this portfolio looks fine of it need any modification. Similarly i have created few other portfolio for my future needs but since its still under registration so haven't share the same here.

I'll be seeking your expertise to comment on those portfolio as well, once i send you the details. Finally, can i have your suggestion on my this 24k portfolio.



Dear Lalitesh Kumar,
I am happy to see your mail again. And I am particularly more happy
to see that you have not ignored my suggestion and have avoided All your
investment into Debt Fund and have also considered Equity Funds.
You seem to have chosen your funds well, going by the fact that a good number of them have a solid performance track record.
However, I have concern that you seem to have invested just a bit on the higher side in DSPML Balanced Fund. Given the nature of your goal and time limit, you can consider switching to DSPML Savings Plan (Moderate) with a Equity Exposure of 20% (compared to 65% equity exposure in DSPML Balanced Fund).
DSPML Balanced Fund has had a good track record but the current market appreas to continue remain volatile and may not the recent highs in a hurry, and moreover the Debt Funds due to Falling Interest Rates should easily give you upwards of 12% return in next 6-9 months.
Your agent is ignorant. Any person (male or female) can invest in UTI Mahila Fund. Only the name is Mahila. Sure, go ahead and invest. Its small Corpus is 82.46 makes it manageable. The Fund is rated 5 Star by ValueResearch.
Though the Fund has had a bad 2008 with a return of negative 8%, the 3 years return continue to impress at above 20%. And the Fact that the Fund has only 12% in equity and with falling interest rates, the Fund should give you good returns.

Even as recently as Novermber 2008, the Hindu Businessline had given a "Invest" Recommendation on the fund. You can find the same in the link
You can also consider investing the additional 7k in UTI Spread itself.


Best of luck,
Srikanth shankar Matrubai

See the earlier query by Lalitesh Kumar on

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