Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Safe Fund from Unproven AMC

Srikanth Shankar Matrubai.

Investors can give the New Fund Offer from Religare, the Religare Business Leaders Fund a miss and not regret one bit.
The Scheme aims to invest in Equities of companies whare are Business Leaders in their respective segments. The Scheme would aim to be fully invested at all times and would invest in a diversified portfolio of Large Caps and Mid Caps.

There are much betters choice of similar kind of Funds like the UTI Leadership Fund, Sundaram Leadership Fund, Kotak K30 fund. This Fund is thus similar to any Large Cap Fund and thus you are better served by investing in a Proven Fund rather than betting on an unknown Angel.
Don't forget, the Fund itself is quite new, although they have two good winners in Religare Tax Plan and Religare Contra fund.
True, the Scheme would offer sufficient sectoral diversification but the Gains would be restricted in Large Caps in a bull market as seen by none so impressive performance by UTI Leadership and Sundaram Leadership Funds which play on a similar mandate.
By and large, the Fund would be a safe bet for Conservative Investors but it would be wise for the Fund to prove its mettle before you commit your money.

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