Friday, September 18, 2009


Want to accumulate Long Term Gains???... Then read on..

Niranjan Kumar Boora wrote :

I am considering to accumulate long term gains, I have started SIP in mutual funds. My question is did I selected the proper portfolio.
I happened to read your blog today.

I started investing in mutual fund through SIP route Rs2000pm for 1 year starting Nov 2008 in the following funds.

Can you please analyze my portfolio.

1. HSBC Equity Fund - Growth (You suggested to few people to buy Fidelity Equity, what to do?)
2. IDFC Premier Equity Fund - Growth
3. DWS Tax Saving Fund - Growth

Apart from these, I have investments in the following funds (planning to switch from these to some HSBC Equity or some other fund you suggest, should I do?)

4. Sundaram CAPEX Fund - Growth (20K)
5. SBI Multicap Fund - Growth (10K)
6 UTI Mahila Unit Scheme - Growth (20K)
7. SBI Infrastructure Fund (20K)


Dear Niranjan,
Your existing SIP are going into very Good Funds and I do not see the need for change in funds. Yes, I have been recommending Fidelity Equity, but HSBC Equity too has been performing well and should continue to do so. So, in conclusion, your existing sips need not be tinkered with.
However, your lumpsum investments do need a overhaul.
Sundaram CAPEX Fund - Growth (20K) - Switch to the more promising and better performing Sundaram Select Focus Fund

SBI Multicap Fund - Growth (10K) - Better redeem and invest in a Good Large Cap Fund like the HDFC Top 200 Fund

UTI Mahila Unit Scheme - Growth (20K) - continue

SBI Infrastructure Fund (20K) - Switch to SBI Bluechip fund.

If possible reduce the existing sip from 2000 to 1000 in each of the existing sips or increase the sip investments by another 3000 and invest in the following funds to give your fund a Balanced Look.
DSPBR Top 100 Fund
Fidelity Equity Fund
HDFC Prudence Fund

Srikanth Shankar Matrubai

Mr.Niranajan wrote back :
Thank you sir..
I will do what you have suggested for a balanced portfolio. I really thank you for taking time to analyze my portfolio and suggesting the changes.


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