Friday, March 27, 2015

MARKETS FELL YESTERDAY??? .. ............... I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

The markets have seen a free fall for the past 10 days from a high of 30,000 the Sensex is now down by 8% to 27400 levels.
Yesterday (26th March), the Markets fell by MORE than 2%.
But, my investors are happy.
Not sad?

Because, I have ensured that each and every single client of mine has invested in EDELWEISS PREPAID SIP.

So, whenever markets falls like it fell yesterday, me and my clients are buying.
And, buying on DIPS.
 Because we actually bought at lower levels and we will continue to buy whenever the markets fall in such high percentage unlike other STP/SIP investors who are forced to buy at particular days only irrespective of the Market upside or downside.

Edelweiss Prepaid SIP :

It’s a triggered based STP / SIP, where 5% or 10% of  initial amount invested (in Liquid/Arbitrage/ARF)  Moves to Target  Equity scheme ( EDGE Top 100, Edelweiss Select Midcap, ELSS, ARF) if benchmark (CNX Nifty / CNX Midcap) fall  by 0.50%, 1% or 2% in a single day.

Here you invest in Edelweiss Liquid or Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund.
The Day Nifty closes 0.5% or more (you can choose the percentage) from its previous close, 5% of your Money (10% option also available) is moved into Equity.
This way, you are buying on Deep Dips like yesterday.
Since this is a Auto Trigger, no signing or confirmations is required.
There is an upper limit of Rs.18 lakhs per folio to ensure that you get the NAV of the same day that the market has fallen.

Edelweiss Prepaid SIP is a great way, if you wish to time your investment on Days like yesterday when the market fell over 2%.

Please understand, Downside is Temporary. Upside is Permanent.
The journey of Sensex from 100 to 27500 proves this.

Please do not for a moment think that I am encouraging you to TIME THE MARKET.
But, prudent investment is that wherein you take advantage of Crashes too.

And, the source fund which I recommend is Edelweiss Absolute Return Fund.
The fund has been very very consistent in its performance and has shown great resilience during markets falls.
Just look at yesterday's figures :

Edelweiss Absolute Returns fund fall vs nifty & other top funds as on 26th March 2015
 Nifty : -2.21%
Edelweiss Absolute Returns Fund : -0.54 %
Reliance BALANCE FUND : -1.02 %

So, friends, ask your Financial Advisor about this EDELWEISS PREPAID SIP and if you have not yet invested in this concept, do it NOW.

Best of luck,
Srikanth Matrubai

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