Thursday, April 20, 2017



BHIM is BHarat Inteface for Money
BHIM-aadhaar is a merchant interface of the BHIM app.
An app which doesn't require a Mobile Phone!! Yes. Thats BHIM aadhaar payment app for you!
The BHIM-Aadhaar will not require a phone or even a Bank Credit. Just your Thumbprint an an Aadhaar card will enable the merchant the customer's payment.


As a customer, you just need to remember your Aadhaar number and have CLEAN hands!
The Merchant will have a biometric machine where you press your thumb and enter your Aadhaar number.

Once the Aadhaar number is entered, the BHIM app would instantly fetch the Bank Account linked with your Aadhaar number and you can proceed to make the payment.

NO need to carry any Debit/Credit Card
No need to carry a phone.
No worry about Service Tax or any charges for using BHIM Aadhaar Payment App

This facility reduces the huge headache of remembering the PIN numbers, MPIN number,  passwords, etc.

And if multiple accounts are linked with your Aadhaar card....fret not..all the accounts linked to your Aadhaar will be shown to you and you can select the one you want to make the payment from! Its that easy!

This BHIM App will elimiate the huge fee charged by Card companies like Visa and MasterCard.

As a Merchant you need to
1. Download the BHIM Aadhaar aap
2. Fill all the details required like Name, Address, contact number, Aadhaar number, etc
3. Link your Bank Account using Aadhaar number
4. Get a Biometric Reader
Start getting payments from your customers!!
The Govt has also launched a cashback and referral scheme for BHIM users.
And, as a merchant, you will be saving huge. need to pay that 2% or whatever service charges to Visa/Mastercard.

Better than Paytm!

Much better secured compared to Paytm
In Paytm, the security relies on the Phone's lock as it does not ask for any PIN/password but the BHIM app has its own app password.
Also, all the transactions are secured with UPI PIN.
So, even if you lose your will worry about Paytm balance but not about money in your BHIM APP!!!!!!!!
This Biometric enabled device is available for under Rs.2000/-

As a customer the advantages of BHIM app is
1. No need to load money (as it linked to your Bank account)
2. No need to remember PIN number or password
3. No need to carry smartphone

You dont even need a Android or a Smartphone to use this facility. You, as a customer, just need to remember your Aadhaar number and of course, keep your thumb CLEAN!!!

The app is available both on Google Play store (Android) and the iOS App Store.
And, know what....its completely secure.
There is absolutely no possibility of misuse.

Link to Download BHIM app

Cover art

BHIM is a MUST HAVE app.
Its the cheapest and easiet method of payment.
It sure will be a game changer.
Official records show that almost 56 crore Aadhaar have already linked to Bank Accounts (thats more than 60% of Adults in India).
The success of BHIM is inevitable.
And, as a Patriotic Indian, it is your duty too to promote and use BHIM App.

I am a Patriotic Indian... Are you too??

Srikanth Matrubai


  1. This will truly be a game changer in terms of payments as it eliminates the necessary to have a 'middle-man' like Visa, MasterCard or any Wallet for that matter! I wish the government all the success for this initiative. No one knew that Aadhaar bio-metrics would be used in such a disciplined way one day.

  2. Apart from mentioned points, I see below points as benenit of using BHIM over PAYTM

    1. For PAYTM basic customers and KYC customers, PAYTM charges 2% if you want to transfer amount to your bank account. Although its free for PAYTM business partners. Ref.

    2. customers who recharge their PAYTM wallet in advance loose the interest which can then can earn if the money is kept in savings account

    3. Non KYC customers has limit of monthly 20000 RS of transaction in PAYTM, but as BHIM is linked to bank account, you do not need to go for addition step of getting KYC done.

    On the other side, BHIM is not much popular as PAYTM as of now, while every shopkeeper allows you to pay by PAYTM.

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