Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Making your Home Loan EMI free via SIP


Just think 10% as extra EMI and invest in Sips and see the difference it makes to your life

*Home Loan @ 0% Interest*

*Do you know❔*
💢You can get back all your Home loan interest + Principal Amount you pay through EMI's.

💢 If you avail Home loan of 10 lacs for 20 years with an interest rate 9.5% your.....

Monthly EMI: Rs. 9,321.31/-
Principal Amt : Rs. 10,00,000/-
Interest Payable : Rs. 12,37,144/-
Total Amt Payable: Rs.22,37,115/-

💢 Now to get back your interest you just have to keep aside 0.20% of your home loan amount.
ie 0.10% of 10,00,000/- is 2,000/- per month till the tenure of your home loan.

*Start an SIP Till the tenure of your home loan with the amount you are keeping aside. (ie Rs. 2,000/-)*

💢what will be value of Rs. 2,000 pm @15% if invested through SIP❔

After 20 years➡

Principal Amt: Rs. 4,80,000/-
Value@ 15%: Rs. 26,54,147/-

In Home Loan you pay an Interest + Principal of Rs. 22,37,144/- in 20 years.

While in *Mutual fund SIP* you generate a wealth of *Rs. 26,54,147/-* which is more than the Interest amount you are paying in next 20 years.

🎯 Start your SIP now and enjoy interest free home loan.

Increase the sip input & create Wealth too at the end of term


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