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Well Wishers, 
My 1st attempt at writing in KANNADA was successful due to your wishes. 
The same was published in the magazine PROFIT PLUS
Lots of non-Kannada people wanted a translation and here it goes. 

Hope you like the article. 

Ask any financial planner, the first thing he tells you is INCOME minus Savings should be your SPENDING
 Which obviously means the focus on SAVING
The question comes WHY SHOULD WE SAVE MONEY?
Let me enjoy LIFE now....who knows what’s in the future?
That’s exactly my point.
No one knows what lies ahead in the future.
You may lose your job, your income....the income/salary may not be enough, and many such reasons.
Let’s find each one by one

The Bigger reason is the SILENT KILLER called Inflation. The value of our money keeps decreasing day by day. The Rs.100 you had last year is not worth the same today. Ex: Fruits, Vegetables, Clothes which were available at a certain price is definitely not as same as last year and has increased.

A kilo of Apple, for example, which was Rs.100 last year, is now Rs.110 which means the price has gone by 10% and your income if it hasn’t grown that much will mean that you are becoming poorer and poorer slowly. Hence you NEED TO SAVE MONEY



There could be a situation where in you may lose your job and may not find a similar salary paying job immediately. It may take anywhere between 1 month to 3 months to get a job and during this interval, you cannot ignore your Food, Gas Bill, Rent and HAVE to pay. An Emergency Backup will help you cope with such a situation and hence YOU NEED TO SAVE MONEY.


Everyone dreams of a BETTER LIFE. To upgrade your vehicle from an Activa to a Car or to move from your Rented House to Your OWN NEED TO SAVE MONEY


A marriage in the house requires HUGE Money and so does the Education (especially Higher Education) which can create HUGE HOLE in your Wealth.
Many families consider celebrating a GRAND Marriage as a PRESTIGE ISSUE and do not shy away from taking a Loan.
To avoid taking LOAN (or at least take a lesser loan) YOU NEED TO SAVE MONEY


Post retirement, you cannot depend on PENSION money (and if you are in a Private Company even this is not available) and most importantly the EXPENSES will not stop.
Pension Amount, if any, will not grow as fast as Inflation ultimately leaving you at the mercy of your children. 

Expenses does not become ZERO once you retire....It will get reduced for sure but expenses will be there and unavoidably, it will only GROW. To provide for these expenses YOU NEED TO SAVE MONEY’


During times of Medical emergencies, a HEALTH INSURANCE would of great help but not all diseases are covered by Health Insurance policy and small diseases like a Fever need to be supported by your money. 
And, God Forbid, if for some reason, your Health Insurance Company rejects your claim, your entire LifeTime Savings could go for a toss. 
Its always better to have a Health Insurance, an Emergency Fund and of course, SAVE MONEY!!
And of course, to have a GOOD LIFE and most importantly, HAVING PEACE OF MIND!!
Thus, dear readers, it is inevitable for you to SAVE MONEY to continue enjoying life long after your salary stops coming.

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