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9 out of 10 people I interact these days is resigned to fate and the only words that come out of their mouth is..."Never expected this.....Let life take me wherever it wants me to". 
Its almost as if they have resigned to fate and have left behind all their desires, future goals, vision in pre-Covid World.

The 1 out of 10 who isn't looking bleak or dull is the one whose finances has not been affected as much as others.

Does his finances has a MASK?
A mask like we wear for our protection from Covid, is there any Mask which can protect our Finances from Disasters ?

Yes and NO.

NO....because Covid is something which even the Best of Experts, Best of Financial Planners and the Best of Astrologers were not able to foresee and thus stumped every single person in this Universe.
If any expert says I saw it coming….either he is God or he is lying.
Unprecendented, ruthless and almost decimated every previous notion about SAFE businesses.

YES,  because these peope indeed have a MASK which is protecting their finances.
Readers of our blog would remember that we keep stressing that THERE IS A LIMIT TO REDUCE YOUR SPENDING BUT THERE IS NO LIMIT TO YOUR EARNING. And we have always encouraged our readers to FOCUS ON POSITIVES AND EARNING MORE.

Since you do have lot of time at your disposal, seriously consider learning new ways of earning income.
Improve your skill set so that you can earn more.
Consider learning a new technology or skill.

The HUGE irreversible change that COVID has done is has taken away the shift/focus AWAY from Labor-intensive jobs towards more Creative-thinking jobs. 
Earlier what mattered more was the strength in your arms, legs and backs. But there has been a clear to the Brain Power, although this was happening earlier too but the COVID has propelled this to NEVER BEFORE seen levels and will only  increase further. Complete paradigm shift HAS ALREADY taken place.

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This simply means that you can now EARN from the COMFORTS of your Home.  NO need to commute daily 1 hour in crowded buses/metro.

Running an house is not just managing kitchen. And with COVID, males are also in the house and definitely can manage the kitchen.
So, why dont you, the humble housewife start earning.
Yes...why not?
because now its the BRAIN power that is more in demand rather than Muscle Power. 

What me....? An housewife earning? How? No chance... There is no way I can earn more".

I would say "Why not? There is huge number of ways you can earn.
Why dont you do PART TIME job?
Why dont you do Tutions at home?
Why dont you do Tailoring at home?
Why dont you write articles during spare time?
Why dont you learn a new hobby (cake making, cloth bag making,etc) and start earning?

If the intent is there to LEARN AND EARN, the routes will AUTOMATICALLY open up.
Especially learning new things like Cloth Bag making may even open up loads of money to you.
In fact, I have seen some of investors actually resigning from their MAIN jobs and now doing full time business in what started as a Hobby for them.

So, it all boils down to FOCUSING ON EARNING MORE

I agree, that learning a new hobby/skill takes time and implementing it and making it successfully even more, but look at the reward you will get.....because once you are successful, mark my words, you will be achieving your goals much more earlier than you ever imagined.

Concentrate your energies and focus your expertise on Earnings. We have shared some simple and easy ways to earn by sitting at home. So, you, the humble housewife, can show that you too are not only capable of managing kitchen but also managing the entire household expenses.

1. Online Tutoring
2. Proof Reading
3. Online Surveys
4. Blogging
5. Videos on Cooking/beauty
6. Make Masks
7. Data Entry
8. Homemade Clothes
9. Wooden toys
10. Hand Bags
11. Hair Decoration Accessories
12. Greeting Card
13. Scented Candles
14. Gift Baskets
15. Pillows
16. Painting/Drawing
17. Home made Soaps
18. Plantation
19. Hats
20. Embroideries
21. Tailoring
22. Graphic Design
23. Hanger
24. Lip Balm
25. Belt
26. Perfume
27. Statues
28. Customised Cups
29. Leggings
30. Bread
31. Cookies
32. Ornaments
33. Furniture
34. Rubber Stamp
35. Picture Frames
36. Knitted Prodcuts
37. Curtains
38. Gift Items
39. Photography
40. Language Translating
41. Sell old stuff at home (there are buyers for Antique)
42. Affiliate Marketing
43. Remote Accounting
44. Paid Reviews
45. Remote Call Center
46. Chocolate Making
47. Cake Making
48. Sanitizer Making 
49. Counselling
and the easiest and the one you can definitely give a try

50. Home Cooked Food (this should be the easiest. There are many bachelors who work from home but crave for home cooked food who can be your customers)

In fact, almost 90% of the ideas shared here can be started with virtually ZERO expenses and in very less time.
You can get complete details on each of these above simple ideas on YouTube and other social media sources.
Come on, show the World that you are not just on par with men but can even better them.

All the best,
Srikanth Matrubai

Srikanth Matrubai Author of the Amazon Best Seller DON'T RETIRE RICH
Do read the book and give your valuable feedback and request you to post positive comments on the Amazon.

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