Monday, July 16, 2018


If you are in a Toyota Innova

And your friend is in Activa

And both of you leave from Chamrajpet to Mysore

By the time you reach Kengeri

Your friend would be at least one kilometre further than you

Does that mean Activa is faster than Innova??

No right??

Innova need  Highway and once it gets into highway it was just ZOOM

And Activa with stay far behind

Exactly that way equities work

Are you withdrawing money tomorrow or next month??

If not why do you even look at work portfolio??

Will you look at your FD daily??

Will you look at your real estate investment daily??

Equties in Short Term is like Weather, Very unpredictable.
The Same equities in Long Term is like Seasons....reasonably predictable.

Dont get swayed by Short Term Movements.

Look at the above graph of HDFC TOP 200...
The Lesson : In initial years Compounding tests your patience and in later years, your bewilderment.

Focus on Goals
And Enjoy the Ride

As John Bogle, the INVESTMENT GURU,  says:
 “Stay the course. No matter what happens, stick to your program. I’ve said ‘stay the course’ a thousand times, and I meant it every time. It is the most important single piece of investment wisdom I can give to you.”

To score runs, stay on the pitch. 
Clapping for others by being in the stadium won't win matches. 
For your money to grow, you HAVE to Stay Invested

80% of gains come in 20% of time. So an investor needs enormous patience and conviction to hold Equities for 10 or 20 years.

In investing as in auto racing, you don't have to win every lap to win the race, but YOU ABSOLUTELY DO HAVE TO FINISH THE RACE. There are sensible risks - and there are risks that makes no sense at all. The Unusual Billionaires (Robert Kirby)

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